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She Wants Revenge + Shadow Age

Richmond, Virginia (October 28, 2018) On this cool crisp fall night, The Broadberry hosts Justin Warfield  and Adam Bravin of She Wants Revenge for an evening of a much awaited performance from the Los Angeles based musicians. Supported by Richmond based talents Shadow Age, an 80’s influenced post punk band unlike no other in Virginia.

The show is starting late due to one of the bands having to cancel last minute. The club is dark and the chandeliers in The Broadberry VIP area glimmer with extra sparkle tonight.

I am already in front of the stage because this club has no photo pit and I don’t want get stuck behind fans if the club fills up too fast.

It’s 9pm and Shadow Age members begin to take to the stage.

“This is probably the last time I will be doing this for a while.” says Aaron Tyree, guitars, keyboards, and vocals for the band. “I will be taking some time for myself”.

The band starts to play and I am immediately reminded of one of my favorite 80’s goth bands the Cure, with bold baselines and drumming accompanied with unique guitar chords and New Order style lyrical patterns. The lighting on the band stayed super low which only enhanced the dark mood of the set. Aaron and the band performed with strong intensity as the crowd cheered between songs. “Whats your name, someone shouted,.. Aaron responded, “We are Shadow Age, from right around the corner.”

As they continue each Shadow Age song is a compliment to the last. A showcase of well written music all fitting to the genre of some of my favorite bands of all time. The guitar effects are casting a mood over the music fans drawing them in then coming to abrupt endings as the crowd claps and asks for more.  Shadow Age was formed in 2013 and if this is truly one of their last performances, I will be sad not to experience more soon. I was able to pick up their self titled limited edition album on vinyl that was released earlier this year on Play Alone Records. Keep your eyes pealed for this band whenever they start to play shows again.

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Shadow Age:

Only a few minutes pass and She Wants Revenge  comes to stage. I see front man Justin Warfield place his setlist down next to his guitar pedals and I get a glimpse of what songs are to come for the night. An eager fan next to me asks if he can get the set list after the set, to which Justin replies, “I don’t ever promise them to anyone but if some one grabs it after so be it.”

She Wants Revenge is on constant play in my daily life. I first saw them back in 2006 on tour with the band Pretty Girls Make Graves and have loved every song they have ever put out.

The familiar intro to the bands song Take The World starts and the grooving drum beat from band member Scott Ellis begins as Justin sings;

Your pulse it races with mine and I swear that there’s no other girl 
Your body shakes, it’s like tonight we can take the world
Your pulse it races with mine and I swear we can take the world

The goth music influenced band brings such a picturesque and moody vibe through their lyrics and music like those of 80’s icons The Cure and Depeche Mode. Bassist Admin Brevin’s basslines solidify the sounds that She Wants Revenge has encompassed throughout the years. Warfield and Bravin formed the band back in 2004 and released their self titled record on there own label Perfect Kiss in 2005. The band toured extensively through 2006 with bands Depeche Mode and Placebo.

Next up they play their hit These Things of which there is a video online they released featuring the band Garbage‘s vocalist Shirley Manson.

I heard it’s cold out, but her popsicle melts.
She’s in the bathroom – she pleasures herself.
Says I’m a bad man. She’s locking me out.
It’s cause of these things.

It’s cause of these things.
Let’s make a fast plan. Watch it burn to the ground.
I try to whisper so no one figures it out.
I’m not a bad man, I’m just overwhelmed.
It’s cause of these things.
It’s cause of these things.

Throughout the show the crowd is encouraged to dance. A familiar thing I remember from seeing them years ago. Justin also prefers the crowd to be attentive to the show instead of watching through their phone screens. A few times he asked some young ladies to stop recording and enjoy the show. One fan responded, “I would never put it online.” to which Justin responded, “I don’t care if you put it online. Put it on You Tube and tag me. It’s just they you are there recording the whole time.” The fan apologizes and continues to enjoy the show.

The band plays a couple of great new songs named Spiderwebs and Big Love that I can’t wait to hear recorded.

She Wants Revenge © Ken Penn
She Wants Revenge © Ken Penn
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Next up was Red Flags and Long Nights followed by This is the End from their 2007 album This Is Forever.

Guitarist Thomas Froggatt strikes the melody on his guitar as Justin enters the chorus;

This is the end,
Though I saw it coming
Before we went to bed,
No I never could be the one for you.
This is the end,
Thought I saw it coming
Before we started and
No one’s gonna be broken-hearted here.

The entire front of house is singing along, there are true She Wants Revenge fans here tonight that know ever song just as I do. Adam walks casually across the stage while playing just in time for me to take a few shots of him and the other band members together.

When he does not have a guitar in hand, Justin is dancing to the intros and breaks of songs. The chorus effect laden guitars summon The Cure’s iconic sounds while still being completely unique to the bands own musical footprint.

As the band continues to play familiar favorites from their self titled album, This Is Forever and Valley Heart, She Wants Revenge rocked the songs Sister, Rachel and a crowd favorite Out Of Control from the She Wants Revenge debut album.
Justin sings,

I watched her feet move
Her hips they sway
Does a hair flip
And starts to say

(Justin leans back from the microphone an points toward the crowd) and the crowd screams:

‘Oh my god it’s my favourite song!’

(and he continues the song..)
I pull her close and she sings along

We can’t slow down even if we try
If the record keeps spinning then so will I
She likes…

The entire Broadberry is dancing and singing along to one of the bands first hits.

The last song of the night is Tear You Apart.  With Adam switching from his classic Fender bass to playing the live bass lines with drumsticks and sample machine drum pads. The heavy bass  fills the room as the crowd sings along:

I want to hold you close
Skin pressed against me tight
Lie still, and close your eyes girl
So lovely, it feels so right

I want to hold you close
Soft breasts, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear
I want to fucking tear you apart

There are only a few more shows left on this tour, but if you can get to a show you won’t be disappointed. She Wants Revenge  should be touring at the status of iconic bands like The Cure and Depeche Mode. Their music is as enjoyable and timeless as many of the other goth rock icons have ever been.

You can catch them on tour here: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialSheWantsRevenge/

She Wants Revenge:

Set List:
Take The World
These Things
Little Stars
Suck It Up
Big Love
Red Flags and Long Nights
This Is The End
Someone Must Get Hurt
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Out Of Control
Tear You Apart

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