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Pup, Illuminati Hotties and Potty Mouth at Delmar Hall

St. Louis, Missouri (September 24, 2019) – Pup, Potty Mouth and Illuminati Hotties landed in St Louis on September 24th for a packed crowd at Delmar Hall. Potty Mouth, a pop rock band from Massachusetts of four badass glam rock queens, graced the stage of Delmar Hall opening the shows with a rumbling set. Potty Mouth played songs from their self titled EP and their 2019 release SNAFU like “Bottom Feeder,” a seemingly slow song at first that ramps up with some seriously impressive guitar chords from front-woman Abby Weems; which resonated cheers from the crowd.

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Second in the set, Illuminati Hotties, a peppy rock four piece, played tracks from their 2018 release Kiss Yr Frenemies, and their Audiotree Live album released this year including the title track “Kiss Yr Frenemies, and 2019 single and fan favorite “I Wanna Keep Yr Dog”. Fans were also treated to a Blink 182 cover of “Dump Weed.”

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Pup tears through Delmar Hall immediately with feverish punk music and phenomenal execution. A long fan of Pup, it was incredible to see Pup live. Never a dull moment, fans are loosing glasses, watches and I’m sure plenty of other possessions getting wild to Pup. Opening the set we have “Morbid Stuff” from the 2019 release of the same name, followed by “My Life is Over and I Couldn’t Be Happier” from the 2016 album The Dream is Over.

Wrapping up “Scorpion Hill” lead singer Stefan Babcock comes into the crowd and they carry him into their midst. Next up is the raucous opening track “Guilt Trip” from the Pup self Tilted album, released in 2014.

Babcock jokes that they are no gonna play a song that they don’t know how to play and only played live about five times and it was a disaster every time – fans are then rewarded with a rare live performance of “Bloody Mary Kate and Ashley” which they absolutely crushed.  More fan favorites like “Reservoir” show up in the set list and keep the crowd engaged and going wild.  As “Full Blown Meltdown” starts to burn through the crowd, Stefan jumps into the crowd and is carried through the pit crowd surfing to everyone’s glee.

With gritty chord rips, jam packed with power chords and booming precisely heavy percussion, Pup brings a live show that never ceases to deliver incredible crowd interactions and a super satisfying finish. Playing all your favorite tracks, never letting up the energy, all while playing and singing music on an ultra professional level. This is not a live show you want to skip. Make the drive, buy the tickets, splurge on merch, share their videos and support Pup!

Pup partners with local charities at every tour stop and the band signed a drum head and auctioned it off Tuesday evening, proceeds were donated to Planned Parenthood of Greater St. Louis.

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