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Panic At The Disco + Two Feet + Betty Who

Charlottesville, Virginia (January 23, 2019)  About 4 miles from Thomas Jefferson’s historic Monticello, and back-dropped by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the John Paul Jones Arena is the venue for tonight’s Panic At The Disco Pray For the Wicked Tour 2019 Concert.

If this show is not sold out it is very close, because I can’t spot an empty seat in this 14,593 seat arena.

Betty Who © Splice Media Group – Ken Penn Please do not alter images.
Betty Who © Splice Media Group – Ken Penn Please do not alter images.

The lights drop as Australian singer-songwriter Jessica Newham also known as Betty Who hits the stage. Accompanied by her two backup dancers, her powerful vocal performance is packed full of energetic dancing that has me wondering how they are never out of breath. Starting out with her collaborative hit “Rocket Girl” created by Norwegian duo Lemaitre. Betty Who‘s singing style has been compared to the strength and range of Katy Perry throughout the years. 

“It’s T minus one, ooh Watch me fly across the universe…”

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I would describe Betty Who‘s energy to that of an aerobic work out yet still with the vocal flawlessness that the fans came to see. Her recognizable catchy anthems, embedding pop chorus lines into the minds all those who hear them. Betty Who ended her set with her super cheerful mood lightening pop hit “Somebody loves you” from her debut album, Take Me When You Go on RCA records.

“Somebody misses you when you’re away
They wanna wake up with you everyday
Somebody wants to hear you say
Ooh somebody loves you”