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Oliver Tree and Love – Sadkid @ Lincoln Hall, Chicago IL

Chicago, IL (February 26, 2019) – The completely sold out Ugly Is Beautiful Tour hit Lincoln Hall Tuesday night. Oliver Tree performed a sold-out show with Love, SadKid supporting him. The two made the night one you wouldn’t forget with their prolific rap skills. The venue filled up quickly and the crowd got restless as the time drew closer for Love – SadKid to take the stage.

Love, SadKid took the stage and started the night off with a 10-song performance including songs Cash, Peachy, Paris, and Vinyl. The lo-fi vibes from their music mixed with their poetic words, making for a strong combo. On stage, the crowd shared all their love of the music as they moved and danced to the beats in unison. On stage with Love, SadKid was their DJ Volt Boy and guitarist and indie musician Colliding With Mars. They all had been on their own tour and they were ending it that night with Oliver’s show. Colliding With Mars even played his own songs Foxgloves and Dream House. They kept that same vibe as Love, SadKid’s music, the lo-fi/indie vibe.

Love, SadKid © Eryn Smith
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Finally, it was the moment for Oliver Tree to hit the stage and the crowd was well past ready. As the crowd waited there were hollers from the crowd and people getting energized for his set. Oliver came on to stage in his classic 90’s style jacket and oversized jeans, one of the many outfits he had for the show. He started the night off with a song from his Alien Boy EP, Upside Down. With its fast-paced tempo, it set the night off perfectly. Oliver wasted no time with getting down to business and giving the crowd a colorful experience and performing all his songs, even unreleased tracks.

Oliver released his EP Alien Boy February 2018 and wrapped the year up with the release of his single Hurt in December 2018. Since the release of Hurt his music has been blowing up and fans are eagerly waiting for the release of his new album. Oliver performed unreleased tracks which included On n On and Waste Your Time. After he performed the unreleased tracks you could hear the crowd chatting about them in between songs. He performed Alien Boy, Movement, All I Got, and even Whethan’s When I’m Down, a track Oliver featured on. Oliver Tree gave Chicago a colorful show full of character and hit songs. There wasn’t a dull moment from Oliver or the crowd!

Oliver Tree © Eryn Smith
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As the night closed there was still a buzz as fans left Lincoln Hall. This tour and performance from Oliver Tree are one for the books and it’s only up for him. If you’re looking to catch Oliver on tour you’re going to have to wait and watch for any future Tour announcements as the Ugly Is Beautiful Tour is completely sold out.

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