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Naughty By Nature + Black Sheep + Trick Trick

Detroit, Michigan (February 8, 2018) – Detroit’s glimmering Motor City Casino played host to Hip-Hop icons Naughty By Nature as the trio brought their “Hip-Hop Hooray 25th Anniversary Tour” to the Sound Board. The intimate venue seats just 1,500 lucky fans, but no one was sitting at Thursday night’s sold out show that featured Detroit’s own Trick Trick and legendary Queens’s rapper Black Sheep earlier on the bill.

Naughty By Nature
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Naughty By Nature first hit the music scene in 1991 in with their Top Ten hit “O.P.P.” from their self-titled debut album. The success of this catchy cross-over single and its successors pushed this album and their 1993 follow up 19 Naughty III to Platinum and gave Naughty By Nature a permanent spot in music history. To further cement their place in the industry, in 1995 Naughty By Nature had the prestigious honor of being the first recipients of a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album with their 1995 release Poverty’s Paradise.

MCs Treach and VinRock, along with DJ Kay Gee, played a strong set of hits for their Motor City fans that weren’t deterred by the threat of an overnight winter storm in the forecast. Kay Gee opened the show spinning a series of hits from the 90’s, 80’s and 70’s, with the Jackson 5’s “ABC” leading into Naughty By Nature’s classic “O.P.P.” Sporting a white satin Pistons jacket, VinRock’s rapid-fire rhymes flowed while a fur-clad Treach drove the crowd crazy prowling around the stage as he sang. The two rappers shared an incredible chemistry and treated the crowd to cuts from the band’s entire catalogue, including “Craziest” and “Clap Yo Hands” from 1995’s Grammy-winning Poverty’s Paradise, along with “Guard Your Grill” from their debut album.

The show had an emotional moment when Treach (literally) poured one out for their fallen comrades and offered up a tribute to Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and other OG rappers lost over the years, telling the crowd “Loyalty has no expiration date.” The trio lifted the mood up with a rousing medley featuring snippets of such classics as “Just a Friend”, “Party Up (Up in Here)”, “Rapper’s Delight” and “Jump Around”, followed by their hit “Feel Me Flow”. Treach and VinRock called Trick Trick, Black Sheep and their crews back out on the stage for “Hip Hop Hooray”, to close out the show. The audience swayed their arms in the air singing “Hey, ho, hey, ho” along with the infectious chorus as the show came to an end. Naughty By Nature proved that in 2018, they still have what it takes to rock the house and thrill the crowd. The “Hip-Hop Hooray 25th Anniversary Tour” continues in the US from New York to Las Vegas before heading to Canada in July.

Black Sheep
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Trick Trick
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