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Minus the Bear + Tera Melos @ House of Blues New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana (November 29th, 2018) – After 17 years of making music together, Minus the Bear announced four months ago that they are calling it quits, but not before, as the band states, throwing a “celebration for the community of fans”. On Thursday night, the celebration stopped at the House of Blues in New Orleans, giving fans one last chance to party with the band before saying goodbye.

© Splice Magazine – Kristen Derr. Photograph taken at House of Blues New Orleans. Please do not alter images.

To kick off the celebration, Tera Melos, a 3-piece math-rock band from Sacramento, California, played a 45 minute set unlike anything I’ve seen before. The band is led by frontman/guitarist/keyboardist Nick Reinhart, with bassist Nathan Latona, and drummer John Clardy. Tera Melos take their sound far beyond the usual rock and punk style by playing in unconventional time signatures, adding extensive effects, tapping on the guitar, and following their own unique song structures. The result is intriguing and captivating.

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© Splice Magazine – Kristen Derr. Photograph taken at House of Blues New Orleans. Please do not alter images.

Minus the Bear followed up with a two hour long set spanning their 17 year career. Minus the Bear, consisting of singer/guitarist Jake Snider, guitarist Dave Knudson, bassist Cory Murchy, keyboardist Alex Rose, and touring drummer, Joshua Sparks, opened the set with Drilling from their 2005 release Menos El Oso, followed by Last Kiss, from their most recent full-length release Voids. Snider stopped to thank the fans for continuing to support a band that they started as kids, then paused to remark that they were older than kids, but joked “we would call them kids now”.

The evening didn’t feel like a sad goodbye. It felt, as the band intended, like a celebration. Before leaving the stage in New Orleans for the last time, they wrapped up the set with fan favorite Pachuca Sunrise.

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Minus the Bear’s farewell tour wraps up in Seattle on December 16th. And to Minus the Bear, goodbye and thank you for all the memories.

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