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Melanie Martinez + Lauren Ruth Ward @ The Fillmore Detroit, Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan (October 23, 2019) – Tonight, the one and only Melanie Martinez took over the Fillmore in Detroit, MI with support from Lauren Ruth Ward for the eighth date on the K-12 tour.

First to take the stage, Lauren Ruth Ward and her incredibly talented band. Lauren walked into the spotlight two years ago after moving to LA. Mixing her vulnerable and emotional lyrics with her raw and powerful voice, she captured the entire room in a trance. Her set included songs from her album, Well Hellsuch as a fan favorite, “Did I Offend You?“.

10/23/19 - Lauren Ruth Ward @ The Fillmore Detroit, Detroit, MI © Anna Tollstam

Next, the moment has come that everyone has been waiting for. Melanie Martinez took the stage. The 24 year-old singer/songwriter/actress/director/screenwriter from New York City first came into the spotlight after appearing on The Voice, season 3 in 2012. After being eliminated during the live show, she spent the next year writing until the release of her debut single, “Dollhouse“, in February, 2014. In April, 2014, she signed to Atlantic Records  and in May the same year she released the first single off her debut album, Pity Party which became certified gold. One month later, she released the second single, “Soap“, followed by the third, “Sippy Cup“. 14 days later, she released her debut album, Crybaby, reaching number 6 on the Billboard 200 and number 1 on Billboards alternative charts. Along with the album, she released a series of mini-movies for each song on the album based on the albums character Cry Baby showing the trauma and insecurities she goes through. In August, 2015 she began the Cry Baby Tour consisting of 39 shows around the US, Canada, and into Brazil. In 2012 she announced that she was writing a film. Two years later, on September 6, 2019 she released the movie K-12 along with the long-awaited album. Tonight’s show just proved why she has had this continuous support over the years. It was unlike anything I have ever seen before. She went through the entire K-12 album front to back, performing a choreographed dance with each song. After the album, her set included some of her most popular songs like “Sippy Cup” and “Alphabet Boy“.

10/23/19 - Melanie Martinez @ The Fillmore Detroit, Detroit, MI © Anna Tollstam
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