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Maggie Rogers + Mallrat

Austin, Texas (October 23, 2018)Mallrat, Australian Grace Shaw’s musical moniker, opened the night with, “Bunny Island”, an Oh Boy cover. When she finished the song, behind an enormous grin, she said, “that’s the slowest song we’re playing. The rest will be a dance party!” The fun the young performer had on stage was contagious, as the rest of her set was exactly that, a dance party!

Midway through her set, she played, “Texas“, telling the crowd this was her first time playing the song in Texas. She proceeded to invite the crowd to sing along to the outro, “Your heart’s as big as Texas”, and was answered with a nearly full outdoor amphitheater singing along. Mallrat accomplishes what many set out to do, and maybe only execute adequately, to create an engaging, genuine, and energetic stage presence, while being the only person on stage, aside from the accompanying DJ.

Maggie Rogers’ set was another dance party!  Mallrat’s level of genuine joy and thankfulness was hard to match, but Maggie did it. There’s almost nothing more endearing than seeing a performer as happy to be there as the audience is. Maggie and her band walked onto the stage as Abba’s hit, “Dancing Queen”, came to a close, which, the audience sang and danced to all the way through. After her first song, with a wide smile, and a hand over her mouth, it was as if she didn’t think this was real. Maggie Rogers is a perfect case study to show an artist can have very little music online, relatively, and still pack out a large venue with dedicated, excited fans who know all the words to every song.

Like Mallrat’s set, Maggie Rogers instigated a dance party of her own. With such a powerful voice, and catchy, organic beats, she played a set any fan could hope for. Her set even included a cover of, 1971’s “Angel From Montgomery” by John Prine. Dancing around the stage, free as can be, singing flawlessly, and being genuine as ever, the kind of person you just want to be friends with, Maggie Rogers left the crowd more than satisfied.

Maggie Rogers:


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