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Kat Cunning

Detroit, Michigan (February 25th, 2018) – As an up and coming dancer, actor, singer, and songwriter in the NYC scene, Kat Cunning, is no stranger to the stage. Her Broadway acting and dance experience shows, lifting her live performance at Detroit’s Majestic Theater into something more than just a concert, rather it was like entering an ethereal dream world fueled by Kat’s soaring vocals.

A SUNY Purchase Dance Conservatory graduate, Kat Cunning, (Katrina Cunningham), launched her career performing in Baroque-Burlesque Operas with Company XIV in New York. She followed this with roles on Broadway in “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” and Cirque du Soleil’s “Paramour” to much critical acclaim. Kat’s vocals have been compared to Florence and the Machine and Lana Del Rey, with the New York Times calling out her performances in ‘Rococo Rouge,’ noting: “three standout spots on the program belong to the sultry-voiced Katrina Cunningham, who brings an exquisite, indie-siren quality to a series of covers.” She is currently performing as support for acclaimed singer-songwriter LP, on a 12-stop North American tour.

Kat took the stage in Detroit shortly after 8 pm, opening with “Wreckless” – a deep, sultry number that mesmerized the audience. Awash in blue lights, Kat showed off her impressive vocal range, wowing the crowd as she belted out the chorus. “Adrienne” followed with a dash of theatrics as she seems to weave a rich velvet fabric with just her voice. She then asked the audience “Are you ready for some feeling”, introducing “Birds”, a delightful metaphor of birds in a cage symbolizing the feelings trapped in her head. The elegant yet flirty “Stay on the Line” was next, which she described to the enthusiastic audience as “a little song about phone sex”. The five-song set wrapped up with her latest, “Wild Poppies”, taking us into a dystopian fantasy world evoking The Wizard of Oz with a chorus of “Wild Poppies runnin’ in my ruby shoes. I’ve got emerald eyes, and I am blooming for you.”

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In a recent interview with Refinery29, Kat shared her unique writing process: “Instead of thinking about making a really great song every time I write a song, I’m really writing about a world that I want to step into that I think will affect people.” Kat truly brings her audience into her world with every performance, creating a lush soundscape full of images, emotion, and passion. The crowd may not have been familiar with Kat Cunning before tonight, but after the show I overheard several groups of people taking note of her name to add to their playlists. Watch for Kat as she continues touring with LP with stops in Canada and across the East Coast over the next few months. This is one show you don’t want to miss!

Stay on the Line
Wild Poppies


Senior Photographer: Kelly Harmer
 Senior Journalist: Kate Sumbler

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