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Illenium + Dabin + William Black @ The Detroit Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan (November 2, 2019) – Tonight, Illenium brought their Ascend Tour to the Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI with support from artists Dabin and William Black for an incredible show that no fan would want to miss!

After hours and hours of die hard fans waiting outside in the cold, lined up down the street, 7 o’clock has come around and the temple doors have opened. By 8 o’clock the first act has taken the stage, DJ/ producer and California native William Black. His emotional electric music had every person in the room moving in sync over the course of his entire set, preparing for the night ahead.  

11/02/19 - William Black @ The Detroit Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI © Anna Tollstam

Next up, Dabin took the stage. The music producer/instrumentalist located in Montreal began his electric music career back in 2011. With the incorporation of instruments such as the guitar, piano, and drums, he sets his music apart from other artists in the genre. Tonight he showed the crowd how his unique sound separates him from other artists and the crowd fell in love. Whether they knew of him or not once they arrived, they left knowing his name. He included fan favorite song, “Hero” (featuring Said the Sky and Olivver the Kid), into his set where the crowd went crazy once his guitar hit the first note.

11/02/19 - Dabin @ The Detroit Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI © Anna Tollstam

The clock has struck 10:30 and Illenium, also known as Nicholas Miller, is taking center stage. The 28-year-old artist began his professional music career in 2013, but in 2017 it went through the roof. He began collaborating with even more and well known artists bringing him high in the EDM realm.

Tonight’s performance showed how he can capture the crowd in a trance and take the show into his own hands making everyone feel nothing but pure joy. He was joined on stage by drummer Day, singer Annika Wells, guitar features from Dabin, and even DJ, producer/musician, Said the Sky. With so much talent on stage the crowd couldn’t keep calm as they were screaming the words to every song played!!

Throughout his entire set, you could feel the bass in your heart and the vibrations under your feet as the crowd was jumping up and down, dancing to every beat. From streamers and confetti to fire, sparklers, and lasers – the production was unlike anything I have ever seen! He played a number of his biggest hits from his most recent album Ascend, released in August of this year including an encore with “Sad Songs” (featuring Said the Sky and Annika Wells), and “Good Things Fall Apart” (featuring Jon Bellion).

Over the course of the night, every artist and every song was incredible, but nothing will compare to the moment when “Beautiful Creatures” (featuring MAX) from his second album, Awake, played through the room and a sea of people with smiles across their faces, singing out every word!

11/02/19 - Illenium @ The Detroit Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI © Anna Tollstam

Overall, the night was electric and positive energy radiated through the room. One key thing about Illenium is that he never fails to impress the crowd.