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Hot New Band Moon Fever Rock Jannus Live

ST. Petersburg, FL (2/11/21)

With the specter of Covid-19 hanging over much the country, it’s a rare treat to get some respite from all of this. On Thursday February 11th, downtown St. Petersburg’s favorite open-air venue Jannus Live was able to offer music lovers a chance to get out and catch a real live rock concert in a safe way. On this night, a hot new rock band Moon Fever would be taking part in a great night of straight up rock music.

Hailing from California as well as Texas this five-piece band features Cody Jasper on vocals, Mitch Micoley and Will Travis on guitars, Joshua Buchanan on bass and Greg Garcia on drums. While the guys have been together only a short amount of time, they have already put together an impressive collection of hook laden singles that you would swear came from a seasoned band. With the quality of their first singles so high and professionally polished, they have definitely spent their time in lockdown well.

As the house lights dimmed and the stage lights came up, the guys made their way onto the stage and out in front of a crowd curious to hear what they were going to do. From the second they launched into “Cocaine”, their larger than life 80’s fueled arena rock single, they immediately pulled the crowd into their world. Most new bands usually have to work hard to get the crowd interested as they are an unknown quantity. But the guys in Moon Fever brought their ‘A’ game out on this night. The music starved crowd lit up when they really started to rock out. As they worked their way through their set playing some of their other singles like “Undertaker”,” Fever”, and “Casanova”, the cell phones started to come out as fans really wanted to make sure that they would be able to relive every moment of this night.

Guitarist Will Travis was a sight to behold. With his hair flying and his sunglasses on he looked and played like a seasoned rock star. Cody Jasper was a knockout on vocals. Whether he was crouched down between the monitors and engaging the fans at the rail or posing like a rock star, he was the consummate front man.  Guitarist Mitch Micoley throughout the night was dishing out some killer guitar work. Drummer Greg Garcia and bassist Joshua Buchanan were as rock solid a rhythm section as you could ask for. Clearly all the practice time during lockdown has paid dividends. The level of polish that they showed belied the relatively short time they have been together.

While they may be part of the next wave of actual honest to goodness rock n’ roll bands in the same mold as Dirty Honey, they can do more than just deliver great rock tunes. When they got to “Shaking Off The Evil” in their setlist, it blew everyone away.  They slowed things down and belted out the bluesy balled. Usually, it takes some time for a band to mature into not only writing a song like this but performing it as well.  They delivered this showstopper like it was pumping through their veins.

While some have declared rock dead, it is bands like Moon Fever that are proving everyone wrong. With captivating high energy shows, along with great music these guys are the future of rock.  And if they are the future, the future is very bright indeed.  Long live rock!

02/11/21 Moon Fever © Mark Matson
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