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Here Come the Mummies Invade Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit

Here Come the Mummies © John Swider

Detroit, Michigan (Feb 1st, 2019)

When Here Come the Mummies began their customary opening parade march through the gallows of St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, the swelling crowd erupted. It’s a rarity when any performer ventures into the clutches of their fans, yet alone march a drum-line right down the middle of a venue with illuminated drums New Orleans style! But you have to remember, Here Come the Mummies aren’t your typical band of musicians either, they are different from us mere mortals.

Here Come the Mummies © John Swider

Here Comes the Mummies is an eight-piece funk-rock band of 5000 year-old Egyptian Mummies that are shrouded in mystery. Their Identities widely unknown, but rumors persist that there are numerous Grammy awards amongst the members. None of that mattered tonight as fans came out to hear the ‘Mummies  “Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave.”

Here Come the Mummies © John Swider

Clad in wrappings along with feather boas and sunglasses when on stage, the Mummies music is an infectious mix of raunchy lyrics, and mesmerizing musicianship. Their unique sound reminds us of the early 70’s funk scene mixed with a rock groove and delivered Kool and the Gang style. What a mash up, but let me tell you this, “Its one of the best concert/party atmospheres we have witnessed in a long time.

When the Mummies arrived on stage at 10:15 they got right into it. They ruthlessly worked through crowd favorites like “Freak Flag”, “Ra Ra Ra” and “Fenk Shui” had the fans singing and dancing in every part the venue. Each song was full of fantastic drum work mixed with crazy sax solos and groovy guitar work. During “Bring That Down” the horn section took front and center and actually played lying on the deck throughout the song. If that wasn’t enough to convince you this band is so much more than a novelty act, you should have left the venue and went home to bed, you didn’t belong here.

Here Come the Mummies © John Swider

Here Come the Mummies music and stage presentation keep their fans captivated and partying throughout. Usually there is a “let down” sometime in a performance, but these guys are relentless and it doesn’t happen. Whether it was confetti cannons shooting into the crowd or songs such as “She Loves Dick”, “Booty” or “Pants” its all high energy and fun. These guys are pretty damn good for being 5000 years old!

Here Come the Mummies © John Swider

If you couldn’t tell by now, Here Come the Mummies tour stop in Detroit, Friday night, was my first time at one of their shows. Let me make this plain and simple, “It wont is my last”. If you like funk with a kick and a over the-top stage show, this is your ticket. Take a friend, you will meet some interesting people………… you wont leave disappointed.


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