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Gregory Alan Isokov + Oh Pep! Play Austin, Texas

Australian duo, Oh Pep! Kicked off the evening with a crowd-silencing performance, captivating as ever. Oftentimes, the task of the opener is a tough one. Most of the time they aren’t the band the audience bought tickets for, and, often will be met with impatience, eager to see the main act. While a few folks may have felt this sentiment, as the duo took the stage, and began their first song near-acapella, a noticeable hush fell across the room. Floating between fragile and soaring vocals, Olivia Hally and Pepita Emmerichs bring a dynamic sound tough to execute with just two people on the stage. Pepita, switching between mandolin and violin, complimented Olivia’s soaring voice with soft harmonies, while taking lead herself, from time to time.

Gregory Alan Isokov and his band walked onto the stage in near darkness, backlit by a soft blue. On the heels of his newest album, Evening Machines, which came out 10/5, he included songs reaching as far back as 2008’s This Empty Northern Hemisphere. Needless to say, the audience was captivated the entire time with new songs like, “Berth”, “Caves”, and “Chemicals”. With a band consisting of a banjo/lead guitarist and back-up strings, and singing with two microphones, one of which lended the echo-y, reverb-y, effects, the cinematic sound present in his records, the set was fully present and fully engaging.


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