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Ghost at Place Bell

Laval, Quebec (December 8, 2018) – On a fairly cold evening, and with a line – up stretching around the block thousands of Clergy members (fans of Ghost) were eager to enjoy the rock show sermon developed by the Swedish band. With fans going so far as to deck themselves out in face paint resembling previous Papa Emeritus’s or fully dressing up as a version of Papa, it was telling that the sold-out evening was going to be a special one. Featuring no opening act, but splitting their show into two acts, the crowd was going to be fully indoctrinated by the captivating Ghost.

As the show began for Act I, the seven nameless ghouls appeared on the stage taking their positions in front of three stained glass panels, which illustrated the former leaders of Ghost and current frontman Cardinal Copia (played by Tobias Forge). When the Cardinal finally took the stage, the band opened with “Rats” from their Grammy-nominated album Prequelle. For both acts, the songs predominately focused on Prequelle and 2015’s Grammy-winning album Meliora, however, there were also a few a songs from Opus Eponymous and Infestissumam thrown in as well for those fans that have been followers of the band when they used to play the Metropolis venue.

As a transition between songs, the guitar playing ghouls engaging in a guitar solo battle. This was effectively used as a layering and set up for the band to tear into “Cirice“, which saw the entire arena elicit a floor rumbling cheer before raising their fists and chanting hey. Despite being nameless and faceless, the ghouls were able to fill the void for when Cardinal Copia was changing his attire (there were several wardrobe changes throughout the evening). However, fans were also treated to a brief appearance of Papa Nihl, who obliged the crowd with an impressive saxophone solo during “Miasma“.Knowing how to captivate the crowd, the band gave “Jigolo Har Meggido” the acoustic treatment, while “He Is” (which occurred during Act II) became the anthem that all the crowd wanted to be a part of. Both songs made the arena fill smaller than it was. It was this ability to sculpt the crowd’s energies from a big arena tour to a smaller club venue that sold the band’s performance.

After a brief intermission, Act II saw the band return to hard-hitting songs such as “From the Pinnacle to the Pit” and “Mummy Dust.” Each of these songs were predicated by Forge asking the crowd if they wanted a song that would bite, and he would be met with loud cheers from them. Forge himself was a captivating stage presence throughout the entire evening, whether it be when he was actually performing songs or when he was talking during transitions between songs. This was especially true when he took an extended interlude during their cover of “If You Have Ghosts” (Rocky Erikson Cover). He discussed the many positive qualities of each of the nameless ghouls and ghoulettes, before promptly introduce them as either Ghoul! or Ghoulette!

Ending with the crowd-pleasing and an arena-shaking performance of “Monstrance Clock”, which saw the entire arena filled with the crowd singing along to the line “Come Together, together as one! Come together for Lucifers’ son.” On that note, it was true, the crowd and Ghost had come together as one ending on a note of monstrous love. Join the clergy, and check out Ghost when they come to a city near you!

Ghost: A Pale Tour Named Death (North American Dates)

FRI, DEC 07         PLACE BELL                                LAVAL, CANADA

SAT, DEC 08       SONY CENTRE                           TORONTO, CANADA
TUE, DEC 11       TOWER THEATER                       UPPER DARBY, PA
THU, DEC 13      PALACE THEATRE                       ALBANY, NY
FRI, DEC 14     BOCH CENTER                               BOSTON, MA
SAT, DEC 15       BARCLAYS CENTER                    BROOKLYN, NY


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