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Flint Eastwood + Siena Liggins + Nydge + The Vagabondz

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (December 1, 2018)“Who is this ginger dressed all in black?” Jax Anderson, the singer-songwriter behind Flint Eastwood, asked her crowd in Philadelphia, PA tonight. You may be asking yourself the same thing the first time you see Jax’s energy filled performance. Flint Eastwood, stopped through Philly to play a small show at Kung Fu Necktie tonight.

Supporting included an R&B group out of NYC, The Vagabondz, with roots based in Philadelphia, had a crowd favorite song “Wawa” referencing the locally loved gas station/mini market.

Next up was the solo synth act, Nydge, out of Detroit, MI. Near the end of Nydge’s set, Siena Liggins joined him on stage. Siena is also a Detroit-based artist. Any one that was lingering near the bar seemed to head toward the stage for Siena. The crowd could not help but dance to Siena’s catchy songs. Jax Anderson herself couldn’t help but get in the crowd and dance. It was humbling to see the headline of an act get down in the crowd and support the bands that are supposed to be supporting her.

Finally, after a stage change that involved cooperation with most of the crowd, due to the access door being located past many of the fans, It was time for Flint Eastwood. Flint opened with the song “Running” off of her recent EP This Is A Coping Mechanism for a Broken Heart. Flint has a demanding stage presence and works a crowd like no other. She is not afraid to call you out if you are not dancing or singing, or if you are talking to a friend while she is talking to the audience. She pours so much passion into her stage performance that its infectious and nearly impossible not to show her love back. She moves across the stage with unique signature dance moves, almost as if she is possessed by her beats.

Loud not pretty, one of Flint’s trademarks, is how she wants you to sing the verse of the song “Monster”. Which she practiced the verse with the crowd before it starts, she instructed the crowd to sing “alright, alright” back to her, first the front of the room, then the back of the room. If you were not participating, she would find you and she would make you sing! Trust me, she called me out at one point for taking pictures instead of putting my hands up.

Throughout the show, Jax had a few intimate moments with the crowd where she hushed everyone to the point she could talk to us without the microphone. She explained her background, and the hardships of growing up in a religious household while being part of the LGBT community. She had an empowering speech – stating “you only have one life, so stop asking permission, live your life the way you want, love who you want to, and just be happy and love everyone, because all humans deserve love“. “Choose Empathy” is one of Flint Eastwood’s common themes. The speech led Flint into the song “Real Love”, her most recent single about being worthy of love and being the person, you want to be. Which she actually had to stop and start over a few seconds in, joking that she cannot go from such a powerful speech straight into singing that song.

Jax also talked about Assemble Sound, a church that Jax and a few other artists bout and turned into a recording studio for up and coming artists of Detroit, MI, including Nydge and Siena Liggins. Flint Eastwood had Siena on stage with her to sing an encore performance of “Hurt”. Eastwood finished the show by dancing her way through her song, “Queen”.

If you ever find yourself at a Flint Eastwood show, you will not be disappointed, and I can guarantee you will dance and sing along, even if you don’t like dancing!

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