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Falling In Reverse, From Ashes to New, and New Years Day Pack Them In at The House of Blues, Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida (April 26, 2019) –  It’s Friday night and it’s a perfect night to get out and catch a concert. For those that decided to just show up at The House Of Blues in Orlando looking to grab a ticket or two would be out of luck. Just one look at the long line of fans wearing Falling In Reverse garb wrapped around the venue would be enough to let people know not to bother going to the box office. Falling In Reverse was in town that night along with From Ashes To New, and New Years Day; and all the tickets were snatched up by their fans.
When the crowd finally found managed to shoehorn themselves into any nook and cranny they could find, the lights dropped, and New Years Day made it to the stage. For those that have been under a rock, New Years Day is a band that is on the cusp of hitting the big time. Fronted by Ash Costello, who is a powerhouse singer in the mold of Lzzy Hale and Maria Brink, she brings tons of energy and attitude to the stage. Their thirty minute set was a high energy affair with the bulk of their songs coming off their latest release Unbreakable. The highlight of the show was when Ash said they were going to appease the metal gods and played a wild version of Pantera’s song “Fucking Hostile”. I would say that the metal gods were appeased with their performance.

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Next up, was From Ashes To New, a rap metal band out of Lancaster Pennsylvania. This four man outfit is definitely unconventional with not one, but two lead singers. With several platforms on the stage and fog machines as well, this had all the potential for an entertaining time, and they didn’t disappoint. With singers Danny Case and Matt Brandyberry trading choruses and verses on songs like “Pray For Me’, “Broken”,” My Fight”, and “Forgotten” while taking advantage of every inch of the stage, the crowd was loving every second of it. When the crew set an acoustic guitar on stage, everyone was getting excited with good reason. As singer Danny Case walked over to it, it was time for the band to play their big hit “Crazy”, which their fans went when they started playing it.

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Now it was time for the band that everyone was waiting to see, Falling In Reverse. If you have never been to one of their shows, buckle up for a wild ride. When they hit the stage, the venue erupted in cheers. While the opening bands were well received, the welcoming that Falling In Reverse received was LOUD! It was very clear who the fans were here to see. It was fun to Lead singer walk on stage and immediately snap a selfie with the packed house behind him, you could tell he was impressed with the crowd there to see them. The band Opened their set with “I’m Not A Vampire”, and this set the tone for the night; with fans singing along note for note, and the band giving their all on stage. Things started to really kick into high gear when they tore into “Bad Girls Club”. That’s when the crowd surfing started and not much after the first of many mosh pits opened. Ronnie Radke is a show unto himself. With a level of energy that few possess, for the duration of the whole show he never stopped moving and was insanely entertaining with constant mike flips into the air, along with his hand and facial gestures. As entertaining as this is, what seals the deal is his vocal range. He can go from a deep growl all the way to high notes in a moments notice. After an amazing twelve song set the crowd was breathless and the band left the stage for a well earned breather. When they came back out for the encore, they did their one cover song of the night, a crazy fun version of Smashmouth’sAllstar”. While most bands are content to do two songs and call it a night, Falling In Reverse kept things going for another four songs closing the night out with “Just Like You”.

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Tonight, the House Of Blues in Orlando Fl. was lucky to be left standing. All three bands left it all on the stage and did their best to blow the roof off the place. Without a doubt this tour should be a must see when they roll into town. But get your tickets quick as this will more than likely sell out as it goes on. As a postscript, the band Ice Nine Kills is on this tour as well making this all that more of a hot ticket. But due to The House Of Blues being on Disney property and Ice Nine Kills stage garb not meeting Disney standards, sadly they were not allowed to play this night.