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Eden + Kacy Hill

Chicago, Illinois (October 20, 2018) Even though it was absolutely freezing tonight in Chicago, IL that didn’t stop these die hard fans from waiting outside the Riviera Theatre for over three hours before the doors open to see EDEN with support from Kacy Hill., for their Vertigo World Tour.

To kick things off, Kacy Hill took the stage. Kacy moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to pursue modeling, which soon turned to her being a backup dancer for Kanye Wests YEEZUS tour from 2013-2014. She finished her second song right before the tour began which caught Kanye’s attention and later he recruited her to G.O.O.D. Music. Her career in both modeling and music began to grow as she made appearances in Vogue, W Magazine, and a cover for V Magazine. In the fall of 2015 she released her first EP “Bloo” and in the summer of 2017 her album “Like A Woman” was released. With her unique sound filling the room, the crowd was intrigued. For everyone who entered not knowing who she was they defiantly left remembering her name. Her voice is clearly recognizable and unforgettable. Her set included songs “Keep Me Sane” and her newest single “Dinner”.

Kacy Hill © Anna Tollstam
Kacy Hill © Anna Tollstam
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Up to the stage next, the man everyone has been chanting for, EDEN. EDENs career began years back when he was only known as The Eden Project rather than Jon Ng, or more common EDEN. His sound through the years has shifted from from an EDM sound to one including more organic instrumental sounds, from that his EP “End Credits” was released. Later in early 2016 he released a rendition of Micheal Jackson’s “Billie Jean” where he began receiving more recognition. He then released he single “Sex” which led to him releasing his album “i think you think to much of me”. He then toured for most of 2017 until the release of his first single “start//end” from his full-length album “vertigo” released in early 2018. Once the lights in the room went down, the music began to play and the crowd began to scream. With his incredible lighting production giving off a mysterious vibe and his smooth yet raw voice with an amazing vocal range, there is nothing more anyone could want in a night. His set included fan favorites “XO” from his album “i think you think to much of me”, “Wake Up” from his EP “End Credits”, and “icarus” from his album “vertigo”, he also played some of my personal favorites “Gravity” from his EP “End Credits” and “forever//over” from his album “vertigo”.

Eden © Anna Tollstam
Eden © Anna Tollstam
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