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Dirty Honey Rock The Beacham with Special Guest Austin Meade

Orlando, Fl. (October 27,2023)

Orlando, Florida, experienced a night of pure rock ‘n roll magic at The Beacham, and Dirty Honey was at the heart of it all. Taking the stage on a Friday night, Dirty Honey brought a modern take on straightforward rock ‘n roll, combining the gritty essence of Aerosmith with the swagger of the Rolling Stones, and it was a performance to remember.

Opening the night, was Austin Meade. With his distinctive blend of country, rock, and blues, Meade proved himself to be a true musical force during his performance on this night. Meade’s showmanship was evident from the very first note, and the audience was hooked from the moment he stepped onto the stage.

Backed by a talented band, which included guitarist David Willie, drummer Aaron Hernandez, and bassist Brad Black, they provided the perfect foundation for Meade’s guitar work and vocals. The chemistry between the musicians in the band and Austin was easy to see with Austin cheering on fellow guitarist David Willie when ever he would perform any of his solos.

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From the moment Dirty Honey launched into their first song, “Can’t Find the Brakes,” it was clear that this was going to be a night of unadulterated rock ‘n roll energy. John Notto’s fretboard wizardry was nothing short of extraordinary. His guitar solos were electrifying and showcased a level of skill and passion that left the crowd in awe.

Backing Notto was an impeccable rhythm section, consisting of bassist Justin Smolian and new drummer Jaydon Bean. They were locked in, delivering a formidable foundation for the band’s sound. The chemistry between the members was evident, as they effortlessly flowed through each song, giving the audience a taste of rock ‘n roll at its finest.

Dirty Honey was on tour in support of their latest album, “Can’t Find The Brakes”. On this night they were able to showcase songs not only from their latest effort, but also their first album and their EP as well. Songs like “California Dreamin’,” “Heartbreaker,” “Scars,” and “Dirty Mind” had the crowd grooving, singing along, and fully immersed in the electrifying atmosphere.

“Tied Up” and “Coming Home (Ballad of the Shire)” displayed the band’s ability to play with heart and soul, drawing the audience into their narrative. A standout moment of the night came when they performed Van Halen’s “Could This Be Magic?” Paying homage to rock legends, the band delivered a rendition that was both a tribute and a testament to their own musical prowess.

The slow, bluesy cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” and the soulful “The Wire” showcased the band’s versatility and ability to craft their unique sound while paying tribute to their influences. “Don’t Put Out the Fire,” “Another Last Time,” and “When I’m Gone” continued to fuel the fire of this rock ‘n roll spectacle.

As the night drew to a close, Dirty Honey returned to the stage for an encore, promising to make it a memorable ending. The first song of the encore was “Won’t Take Me Alive,” a powerful anthem that thrilled all their fans.

Then, a heartwarming moment occurred. Lead singer Marc Labelle spotted a little girl on her father’s shoulders, holding a sign that read ” Please play Fire Away.” Labelle and his band mates couldn’t resist the charm of this young fan and the purity of her request. With a smile, he said, “How could I say no to her?” The band then played the requested song, creating a touching and unforgettable moment.

But the night wasn’t over yet. Labelle, fueled by the crowd’s energy, asked if they wanted to hear one more song. The resounding cheers made the decision clear – the show must go on. Dirty Honey obliged, closing the night with “Rolling 7s,” leaving the audience on an adrenaline high.

Dirty Honey’s performance at The Beacham was a modern revival of classic rock ‘n roll. With Notto’s mesmerizing guitar work, Labelle’s magnetic stage presence, and a rhythm section that was nothing short of exceptional, the night was a celebration of the timeless genre. It’s clear that Dirty Honey has not only embraced the spirit of rock ‘n roll but has injected it with a new, invigorating life. If you missed this concert, you missed a night of rock ‘n roll reimagined for the modern age.

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