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Deal Casino + Badflower + The Wrecks

St. Louis, Missouri (November 17, 2018) – Deal Casino, Badflower, and The Wrecks came to Delmar Hall in St. Louis, MO, on the Panic Vertigo tour. Deal Casino fresh off their release of album, LLC, talked to Splice in a post-show interview you can read HERE.

The Wrecks performed fan favorites like “James Dean” and “Favorite Liar” as well as new songs, “Rely” and “Freaking Out” to a packed room.

Badflower, up and comers have a new album due out February 22, 2019, Ok, I’m Sick.  Fans have seen singles for “Ghost” and “x ANA x” from the upcoming album. High energy and extremely entertaining, the Panic Vertigo tour is one you won’t regret catching!

11/17/18 - Deal Casino

Deal Casino

11/17/18 - Badflower


11/17/18 - The Wrecks

The Wrecks:


 Photojournalist: Jessi McKee

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