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Danny Worsnop Brings His Shades of Blue Tour to Tampa, FL

Tampa, Florida (May 30, 2019) – On a beautiful early summer evening, a crowd streamed into the Ybor city concert hotspot The Orpheum for a rare intimate performance from Danny Worsnop, lead vocalist of the hard rock group Asking Alexandria. Why would an amazing singer of a chart topping group do a solo tour? Because he has just released a solo album Shades of Blue, and a new album usually means a tour to promote it. In support of the tour, Danny is bringing along Pros & Icons, and Young Natives.

The first band to hit the stage Is a relatively new band out of New York City, Pros & iCons. This four piece outfit featuring Joey Dean on vocals, Niko Vaude on guitars, Lenny J on guitars, and Tyler O’Leary on bass. Deftly combing pop and rock elements these guys have cooked up a unique style and sound that is infectious. With this being their first national tour, no one in the place was familiar with them. But these guys quickly changed things and almost immediately drew the crowd in. It was obvious that they were having fun on stage interacting with each other and the crowd. Of course, it also helps to have a catchy sound and good music; which they certainly have. You couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off a great show.


Following things up was the Florida based band Young Natives. Made up of Cory Hiamovi, George Doneghey, Ben Stalter, and Forrest Turner. Being from Florida, the crowd knew of them and what to expect, great songs played well, and they delivered that for sure. What the fans weren’t ready for was how much fun the band was having, and this seemed to be the theme of the night; everyone was having fun! At one point during the show one of the roadies drove right across the stage on an electric scooter while everyone was laughing.


Now it was time for Danny Worsnop, the powerful smoky voiced singer that usually fronts Asking Alexandria to take the stage. With a new solo album Shades Of Blue out, he would have ample new material to thrill his fans. With a stripped down band accompanying him made up of Birdsall on drums and Kasper Viggo Jensen on guitar, you would think that this would be more of a quiet and mellow show, but they sounded great! They kicked off their set with the last track from his latest effort Shades Of Blue “Ain’t Feeling Sorry”, The power in his voice resonated throughout the venue when he belted out the chorus. Then when guitarist Kasper Viggo Jensen ripped into a killer solo, everyone knew that this was going to be a special night. Next up they played “Little Did I Know”, which had a great bluesy pop vibe to it that is totally infectious. As the night when on Danny let everyone know that this was the last night of the tour and he was sad to see it end as he had so much fun, and fun they had throughout the night. During the show they actually had awards to give out to members of the tour. These included an award to the tour manager for actually wearing pants, an award to the Young Natives for just being there, and an award to Pros & iCons for completing their first tour. During all of this, the shenanigans continued with an impromptu silly string fight among all the band members. Of course, Danny played a beautiful stripped down version of the Asking Alexandria hit song “Alone In A Room”. At one point during the show, he turned his mike stand to the back corner of the stage looked up at his fiancé and sang “Heaven Is A Long Way Down”. What a beautiful moment!
What a great night the lucky fans who showed up for this great night. Not only did they get to see and hear great music, but they got to see bands cut loose and have a ton of fun on stage. This fun rubbed off on the crowd and everyone was smiling, laughing and swaying to the music all night long. Danny Worsnop has come out with a gem of an album in Shades Of Blue. If he decides to go back on the road to support it, you’ll have an amazing night.

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