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Corey Taylor “Forum Or Against ‘Em” Livestream Review

 Image courtesy of Steve Thrasher

The countdown begins 10..9..8..7..all the way down to zero and around the world everyone who signed up for Corey Taylors “Forum Or Against ‘Em” livestream screen has gone dark. Yes, Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour fame has brought his freshly minted solo album “CMFT” to not only to everyone’s ears, but also to their eyes.

A big release like this, needs a big performance, and Corey Taylor, the folks at Danny Wimmer Presents and 5B Artist + Media figured out just how to deliver it. Somehow they managed to get a hold of The Forum. You know THAT Forum, the venerable Los Angeles California arena that has hosted some of the greatest concerts to date. What better way to deliver the full on arena feel, then to have the party there!

With every fan that purchased tickets firmly planted in place to catch this epic event, all the collective device screens being watched went black as the countdown hit zero. If you were expecting to jump right into a show, you would be mistaken. This after was after all an event, and events need a proper introduction. Who better to do this than musician/actor and one half of Tenacious D, Jack Black. Peeling a mask from his face, he said “what’s up rockers! You ready to rock? Are you ready to release the kraken?” Then in full Jack Black mode screamed “Give it up one time for Corey Motherf*ckin’ Taylor!”

       Image courtesy of Steve Thrasher

After a quick montage of the band getting to The Forum and the stage being set, it was time for the show to begin. With a simple stage setup bathed in red, and the letters CMFT lit up above the drum kit the concert kicked off with “HWY666”, the first song from Corey’s new album “CMFT”. Just like the recorded version, this high energy, boot stompin’, roadhouse tune was a great way to get the party started.  Just as quickly as they finished the first song, they dove right into “Miene Lux” off of “CMFT” as well.

After “Halfway Down” was done, Corey playfully let out a woo  and pointed up into the empty arena and said ”Section 82 you’re on fire”. While this was a fun nod to the fact that he was playing in an empty arena, what all the fans at home were seeing was an incredibly slick production. There was awesome camera work that was well timed to catch all the action. From super close ups of guitarists Christian Martucci’s and Zach Throne’s blazing guitar solos, to full stage shots from all the way in the back of the arena, the timing was spot on. Even the stage lighting was captured beautifully. You really had the feeling that you were part of a full on arena show.

As the original concert date coincided with the release date of “CMFT”, Taylors first solo effort, of course the setlist would be chock filled with songs from the album. In fact, he managed to fit all the songs into the setlist. Indeed, there would be some surprises along the way. The first was a one of several cover songs. Corey went back to the 80’s and pulled out one of the staples of radio, Eddie Money’s monster hit “Shakin’”. It’s obvious that this was a favorite of the bands as the performance was so good you would have thought they wrote it. There were other classic cover songs sprinkled through the set such The Eagles song “Already Gone”, as well as some lesser known ones like The Dead Boys song “All This and More”. They even covered a movie soundtrack song in “On The Dark Side” from “Eddie and The Cruisers”.

As Corey Taylor came to fame with the groups Slipknot and Stone Sour, you know that some of those songs would manage to find their way into the performance. The first one being “Song #3” from Stone Sour. at one point, Corey Taylor grabbed his acoustic guitar, sat on a stool and said “ I’m Going to play one of my very favorite songs I wrote. It’s not too often I get to play this with a full band”. He then launched into a hauntingly powerful version of the classic Slipknot song “Snuff”. He kept the acoustic guitar and followed it up with a stirring rendition of the Stone Sour hit “Taciturn”. If there was a live audience at the show, this would surely have been one of those moments where everyone gets goosebumps.

During the show out came a piano, and Corey sat down at it. He confessed that this was the first time he had ever played piano live. He also said that he taught himself how to play it over the course of two years, just so he could record the next song “Home”; a touching ballad that he wrote for his wife. He stayed at the piano and showed more of his piano skills with the Stone Sour gem “ Zzyxz Road”.


 Image courtesy of Steve Thrasher

If you are going to have an arena show, it had better be an experience that wows people. What better way to get the blood flowing than with pyro! When he launched into the attitude drenched song “Culture Head” off of “CMFT” the pyro kicked into high gear. There was flames shooting in the back and smoke cannons shooting columns of smoke throughout the song. With the fireballs launching into the auditorium during the breakdown, you wished you could feel the heat from it. As Corey Taylor said towards the end of the show “We are gonna go big, then we are gonna go home!”. Boy did he keep his word. The final two songs of the mammoth twenty four song set were “CMFT Must Be Stopped” and a cover of the KISS song “Watchin’ You”. During those two numbers, the pyro was going full steam. If that wasn’t enough, the Cherry Bombs dance troupe made their way on stage and performed along side the band. That even included a dancer on each side of the stage doing aerial work on  long red scarves dropped down from the forum ceiling.

Image courtesy of Steve Thrasher

With the world suffering from a Covid-19 induced case of cabin fever, Corey Taylor and his amazing band did everyone a favor. He supplied all the viewers with an amazing live experience that was a straight up pure rock revival. His infectious joy and talent were on full display all show long. The only thing missing to make this a perfect experience was a live audience cheering wildly. Should this show ever make it out on the road for all to see, this will be the concert to blow your savings on. If the near future of the music industry is the livestream, then Corey Taylor set the bar impossibly high with this knockout performance of his livestream “Forum Or Against ‘Em”.

Set List:

Hwy 666 (CMFT)

Meine Lux (CMFT)

Halfway Down (CMFT)

Silverfish (CMFT)

Shakin’ (Eddie Money cover)

Song #3 (Stone Sour)

Everybody Dies On My Birthday (CMFT)

Snuff (Slipknot)

Taciturn (Stone Sour)

Culture Head (CMFT)

Maria Fire (CMFT)

Home (CMFT)

Zzyxz Road (Stone Sour)

All This And More (Dead Boys cover)

Already Gone (Eagles cover)

Kansas (CMFT)

Black Eyes Blue (CMFT)

Samantha’s Gone (CMFT)

Through Glass (Stone Sour)


On The Dark Side (John Cafferty cover)

Bother (full band version) (Stone Sour)

ETBBS – European Tour Bus Bathroom Song (CMFT)

CMFT Must Be Stopped (CMFT)

Watchin’ You (KISS cover)

Corey Taylor:

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