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Corey Taylor Blows The Roof Of The House Of Blues Orlando

Orlando, FL. (September, 19, 2023)

“I push my fingers into my eyes!!!!” is all anyone could hear as they were passing by the House Of Blues Orlando. Inside a massively sold out crowd is being treated to a master class in how to put on a hard rock concert by one of the finest in the business. Tonight, the front man of not one but two iconic bands,  Slipknot and Stone Sour as well as two solo albums, Corey Taylor is in the house. Tonight, he delivered an electrifying performance that will be etched into the memories of every attendee.

The night kicked off with “Post Traumatic Blues,” off of his latest solo album CMFT 2, and this set the tone for a journey through Taylor’s musical evolution. After the high energy opening song, it was no wonder the crowd’s energy was palpable. With two solo albums under his belt CMFT and CMFT2, it would be easy to think that tonight would be chock full of the new material. But when he and the band launched into  the Stone Sour hit “Tumult,” everyone knew tonight would be special. As Taylor’s signature growls and powerful vocals filling the venue, the House of Blues became a sea of headbanging fans as “Black Eyes Blue” and “We Are the Rest” continued to keep the momentum going.

After playing intense high octane versions of “Song 3” and “Beyond”, Corey talked to the audience. As he made statement after statement, he would interject with “oh, before I forget” with a wry grin on his face. It didn’t take long for the audience to catch on and with each instance of Corey saying those magic words he masterfully built up the crowd to a fever pitch. So when he and the band finally launched into the Slipknot hit song “Before I Forget” the crowd exploded from all the pent up energy.

One of the unexpected highlights of the night was Taylor’s rendition of the “Spongebob Squarepants” theme. The crowd erupted in laughter and applause, showcasing Taylor’s versatility and playful spirit. But the laughter was short-lived as he transitioned seamlessly into the heart-wrenching “Snuff,” which left many in the audience with tears in their eyes.

“Absolute Zero” and “Talk Sick” brought back the heavy, relentless energy, with Taylor’s fierce vocals and the band’s powerful instrumentation shaking the House of Blues to its foundation. The crowd eagerly sang along to every word of “Bother” and “Through Glass,” turning the venue into a choir of devoted fans.

As the band made their way back on stage after a well earned breather, Corey said to the audience depending on how loud you cheer we will play either one song or two. At the appointed time, the crowd screamed so loud you could hear it for miles away. With that Corey said ok we will play 3 songs. Taylor and his band cranked up the intensity with “Duality,” sending shockwaves of energy through the crowd. Mosh pits formed, and the atmosphere became electric as everyone united in headbanging and shouting along to the anthem.

They followed it up with a rollicking cover of the John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band hit song “On The Dark Side”. To close out the show, Taylor paid a fitting tribute to rock legend Lemmy Kilmister with a blistering cover of “Ace of Spades.” The House of Blues Orlando shook as the band honored one of rock’s greatest icons, ending the night on a high note.

Corey Taylor’s performance at the House of Blues Orlando was a testament to his status as a rock and metal icon. His ability to seamlessly transition from heavy metal to emotional ballads and even a lighthearted cartoon theme song showcased his musical range and charisma. The concert was a celebration of Taylor’s career and an unforgettable night for fans of all ages. It left no doubt that Corey Taylor’s influence on rock and metal is as strong as ever.

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