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Reimagined Tour: The Contortionist + Intervals

St. Louis, Missouri (November 2, 2018) – The Contortionist kicked off their Reimagined Tour with Intervals in St. Louis. The Fubar filled up quickly before Intervals took the stage and you could feel the excitement grow as the crowd watched the stage get prepared. Once 8 o’clock hit and it was time for Intervals to hit the stage, the room filled up fast and everyone crowded to the stage.

Intervals started the night with songs such as Touch and Go, Impulsively Responsible, and A Different Light, all songs off their most recent album The Way Forward. Intervals played songs back to back, keeping a flow going and had the energy in the room at a high. There wasn’t anyone in the room who wasn’t moving and enjoying themselves. For the first set of the tour, Intervals really brought it. The overall presence of their set with the mix of the lights and music set up the perfect build-up to The Contortionists set. Intervals had the same progressive metal instrumentals as the Contortionists and it made for a good tour combination.

When it came time for The Contortionist to come on the anticipation built quickly. The crowd even started chanting and became very antsy once the lights dimmed down, but they still had to wait. Building the anticipation, even more, the stage lights set, but Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” started playing and the crowd joined in as they waited. Once the song finally ended, the band came to stage and there was a buzz in the room. The biggest talk of this tour was the amount of music they were planning to perform, and they stuck to it as they played 15 songs and broke it into two sets essentially.

They started off with songs such as Language I: Intuition, Reimagined, Godspeed, and Primal Directive. The stage presence was incredible with the lights show they mixed with the music. Being the first stop for the tour, there was an amount of energy that seemed special and the crowd was giving it all right back as everyone jammed and moshed. The second set of songs the Contortionists performed included a few such as The Source, The Parable, and Monochrome. They even covered The Smashing Pumpkins song 1979.

This tour has a pairing you cannot miss. Both bands, the Intervals, and The Contortionist brought so much to the stage with not only the music but an impressive stage presence. The Reimagined Tour will continue until December 2nd in Chicago, IL. If there is a chance for you to catch this tour, I would suggest you do it. These are two bands to watch and two bands you don’t want to miss out on!

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