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CMA Fest – Kore PR

Splice was not only privileged to cover CMA Fest 2018, but also cover artists from several wonderful Publicity Firms, Artist Management Teams, and Record Labels. Splice is grateful to work with the wonderful team at Kore PR! Stay tuned for more coverage.

Kore PR:

Who we are
KORE Public Relations is a Los Angeles- and Nashville-based public relations and marketing firm, representing clients working in entertainment, health and wellness, politics, and fashion. With social media strategies, as well as tried and true public relations tactics, we consistently deliver powerful and effective campaigns to ensure clients’ success.

What we do

Here at KORE PR, we take an enlightened approach to branding, strategic planning, and image development.  We collaborate closely with market researchers and graphic designers in order to forge unique campaigns in:
Media strategy
Digital marketing
Branding and identity
Social marketing
Quality content

Our team gives tremendous forethought and research into crafting custom plans for each individual client.

Why choose us

With our  sales skills, determination, and arsenal of media contacts, we vow to represent your business with the utmost care and consideration.  We are dedicated to furthering your social media presence, as we recognize its importance in a client’s repertoire. 

We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, involved, innovative,receptive, and most importantly, trustworthy.  If you are ready to forge your legacy alongside a capable and devoted team, KORE Public Relations is the firm for you.

Let us tell your story!

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