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Circa Survive + Foxing + Hail the Sun

Pomona, California (April 8, 2018) – Tonight the Fox Theater Pomona in PomonaCA featured the energetic, Philly-based Circa Survive, with support from Hail the Sun and Foxing, in the midst of the Amulet Tour. Crowds of fans anxiously waited in line in anticipation for the doors to open and conversed over past Circa Survive shows.

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Opening band, Hail the Sun, brought the theater to life with their upbeat, hardcore hits from their albums Wake (2014), and Culture Scars (2016), and their new EP, Secret Wars (2017.) Hail the Sun originates from Chico, California and is an American post-hardcore band consisting of frontman Donovan Melero (drums, percussion, lead vocals), Shane Gann (guitar, backing vocals), Aric Garcia (rhythm guitar), and John Stirrat (bass). Ironically, Donovan’s voice can be compared to the singing/vocal style of Anthony Green, which made the show that much more stunning. The band played fan favorites such as “Human Target Practice”, which Melero proclaims to the audience that it preaches about the issues of police brutality. They performed “Relax/Divide”, which is an absolute fan-favorite ballad that the band released in 2014. Having been to a few Hail the Sun shows, they never seem to lose their spark and always put out a fantastic concert for their fans.


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Originating from St. Louis, Missouri, American indie-rock band Foxing captivates the audience with morose tones and mesmerizing trumpet playing from frontman Conor Murphy, who is supported by his bandmates Ricky Sampson (guitar, sampler), Jon Hellwig (drums, sampler), Eric Hudson (guitar, vocals), and touring member Emma Tiemann (violin, strings, keyboards). Foxing opens with their song “Inuit off of their debut LP, The Albatross. The second the powerful tones of the trumpet echoed throughout the theater, the audience roared with support and excitement. In addition to their classic past songs, Conor proclaims that they are going to play two new songs, which the audience undoubtedly loves and gives their full attention to. The introspective artists end with their song “Rory” off of The Albatross to close out the moody, atmospheric vibe.


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You can feel in the air that the audience is anxiously waiting in anticipation for Circa Survive. The lights abruptly dim and the crowd was roaring as members of Circa Survive progressively made their way on stage. They tease the audience with an instrumental opening as frontman Anthony Green (vocals), slowly makes his way on the stage. Backed by Colin Frangicetto (guitar, back vocals), Brendan Ekstrom (guitar), Nick Beard (bass, back vocals), and Steve Clifford (drums, percussion), they open with their new song, “Rites of Investiture”, off of their brand new album, The Amulet. Almost instantly, the atmosphere and vibe transform into an enthusiastic, high-spirited energy that can be seen all throughout the theater.

Green proclaims his appreciation for his audience and fans by stating how amazing it is that this fanbase truly looks out for one another. Green had previously noted on Twitter that the setlist is “…A perfect balance of old and new…”, and that this particular set was his most favorite one they have created. The band continues to plays hits off of their albums Juturna (2005), On Letting Go (2007), Blue Sky Noise (2010), and their new album, The Amulet (2017.) Fans go wild and are the voice of the beginning of the emotional, mind-altering songs “Living Together and “Get Out”. My personal favorite is hearing “Living Together” live as the lyrics and instrumentals are so emotionally raw. I had the honor of witnessing the On Letting Go 10 year reunion in Pittsburgh, PA. When I first heard “Living Together” performed live and it was like a religious experience. Green is superb at energetically drawing the audience in for music worship!

Circa Survive ends with “I Felt Free” and leaves the audience wanting more as they close out their show with their song “Descensus” off of their 2014 album Descensus. Their performances are, without a doubt, mind-blowing; the band always leaves their audience feeling reborn and ecstatic.

You can catch Circa Survive Foxing Hail the Sun on the remainder of their dates of the Amulet Tour.

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