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Breaking Benjamin + Three Days Grace + Chevelle + Dorothy + Diamante @ PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina (August 17, 2019) – I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night in August than checking out one of the summer’s hottest tours. Splice was in attendance at the PNC Music Pavilion to see a giant rocking line up that included Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Three Days Grace, Dorothy, and Diamante.

Diamante got this sold out show started early in the afternoon. Her set list was made up of several songs from  the debut album, Coming In Hot, including her latest single When I’m Not Around. Diamante also performed her version of the Bad Wolves hit Hear Me Now, mentioning how much being a part of this song changed her life. Afterwards and throughout the evening, you could find her hanging out by the merchandise tables. She signed autographs and took pictures with fans between every single set, just proving how much she rocks on stage and off!

08/17/19 - Diamante @ PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC © Daphne McKinney

After a very short set change, Dorothy was on stage bringing the heat. Vocalist Dorothy Martin, appeared out of the smoke in a large black hat and long, flowing black coat. The band performed a strong set that was sadly not nearly long enough at only six songs. They did include three off their 2018 release, 28 Days in the Valley, radio favorite Flawless,” “Who Do You Love” and “Freedom”. Dorothy and her band is definitely one to catch on their next headlining tour. You will absolutely want more.

08/17/19 - Dorothy @ PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC © Daphne McKinney

Next up, was Three Days Grace. They came out of the gate strong playing “The Mountain” from their 2018 release, Outsider. This four man unit from Canada rocked the house with an epic 10-song set that included radio hits “The Good Life”, “I Hate Everything About You”, and “Never Too Late”. Each song title was lit up on video screens placed on each side of the stage so the fans could track the nights play list. They finished the night off big with the 2007 rock anthem “Riot”. We are pretty sure we saw every single person in the place on their feet and singing right along for this one!

08/17/19 - Three Days Grace @ PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC © Daphne McKinney

After three impressive performances already, Chevelle was up next. Chevelle came out heavy and the crowd was ready. Multiple mosh pits opened up and we witnessed a virtual sea of head banging from the fans in the front of the pit all the way to the back on the lawn. Their 11-song set sampled from five of their eight studio albums, and included hits, “The Red”,“Send the Pain Below”, and “Face to the Floor”. Chevelle ended their set with “I Get It,” off of the 2007 LP,Vena Sera. The trio put up an absolute headline worthy set proving why they’ve been drawing in massive crowds for years.

08/17/19 - Chevelle @ PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC © Daphne McKinney

As the sun came down, it was finally time for Breaking Benjamin to hit the stage. You could feel the energy building with thousands of fans on their feet in anticipation, waiting for the headliners. When Breaking Benjamin finally made their appearance, they wasted little time bringing the fans exactly what they came for. The band came out with a powerhouse version of Red Cold River off their latest album, Ember. Continuing on with a slew of hits, including I Will Not Bow“, Never Again, and Breath. The fans, now fully energized were on their feet singing word-for-word back at the band, just like they were part of the show!

A great thing we’ve come to love about Breaking Benjamin is how they always pay tribute to those that have inspired them. Choosing next to perform their ever changing medley of rock classics, tonight’s selections including the massive hits Pantera‘s Cowboys From Hell“, Queen‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody“, Metallica‘s Enter Sandman and ending with a full on version of Rage Against the Machine‘s Bulls On Parade“. 

Afterwards the band moved back to their own classics, playing tracks from all of their six studio albums. Vocalist, Benjamin Burnley stopped between every song to share special stories and memories from years past with the crowd. At one point even mentioning how long they’ve admired tour mates, Chevelle along with Three Days Grace, and what it means for them to be sharing the stage with them every night.

When the lights finally went down signaling the end of the main set the fans were absolutely not ready for this show to end.  There was still a packed crowd anxiously awaiting the encore. As the lights came back up, Burnley stepped out into the crowd, starting the encore with softer version of “Rain”. He then kneeled and sang to one lucky little girl in the crowd, which ended in a wide eyed smile and a gift of the guitar pick that he was using!  Once the rest of the band joined in on stage, he continued circling the rest of the crowd in the usual Burnley way. Breaking Benjamin ended the night with a blistering performance of their biggest hit “The Diary of Jane”.

08/17/19 - Breaking Benjamin @ PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte, NC © Daphne McKinney
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