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Austin Lucas + Roger Harvey + PJ Bond at Kung Fu Necktie

Austin Lucas © Daniella Heminghaus


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (November 14, 2018) – Dozens showed up Wednesday night at Kung Fu Necktie to see Austin Lucas play.  With him were Philly local favorites the alt-country, Roger Harvey and singer/songwriter, PJ Bond.  Both Lucas and Harvey were out supporting their new releases, Immortal Americans and Gold, respectively. Splice caught up with them on this Philly date.

Opening the show was Philly’s P.J. Bond. This was Bond’s first show after a three and a half year hiatus as Lucas had invited him out to play. Bond didn’t skip a beat as he played his set with an earnest grace. His set list included gems such as “Everglades”, “Savannah”, and “Stop Being Bad”. For the last song of his set, Bond invited Austin Lucas to join him in playing “I’m In A Bad Way”. The poignant song was even more moving as the two harmonized the choruses, setting the tone for the night.

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Following PJ Bond was Roger Harvey. For his set, Harvey brought along a band of Philly musicians; Kayleigh Goldsworthy, on vocals and violin, Jonathan Hernandez, from Timeshares, on guitar, and G Hans Karlowitsch, on bass. Harvey describes his style as “sad cowboy music” as he draws from country great, Willie Nelson for inspiration. His set included a mixed bag of songs from his releases both old and new, including “Love in the Digital Age”, “In Place”, “Gold”, and a cover of Kacey Musgrave’s “Burn One With John Prine.” At the end of his set, Harvey was joined by another Philly fave, Anika Pyle, of Katie Ellen, to play his song “Two Coyotes.”

Closing out the night was Austin Lucas. Hailing from the mid-west town of Bloomington, Indiana, Lucas’ style falls into the country-punk/honky-tonk categories but just a bit darker. Lucas describes his latest release, Immortal Americans,  as “Imagining these songs as a collection of anthems for the most marginalized and at risk members of our society, Immortal Americans began materializing unexpectedly. It happened after a bittersweet homecoming, during the longest nights of winter, while my partner slept in the other room… I became inspired by observing her strength throughout her struggle with cancer. Resolving to confront the adversity I was also facing, I drove myself to rise from my own personal bottom. Simultaneously finding both a will to get healthier, and to write songs for an album I was previously unsure I’d ever have the desire or opportunity to make.” This is exceptionally true as his set had been full of twangy, passionate ballads that moved every crowd member, even if they hadn’t come out to see him. His set included hits like, “Killing Time”, Unbroken Hearts”, and “Immortal Americans.”

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