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Angel Vivaldi + Nita Strauss + Jacky Vincent + Aurorae + The Prosecution @ Crowbar, Tampa, FL

Tampa, Florida (December 18, 2018) – Do you love the guitar? Want to see some of the most blazing new guitarists to hit the scene? Then the guitar collective is THE tour to check out. Now in its second year, this tour showcases three incredible new guitarists; it’s a modern G3 if you will. This year’s version features Angel VivaldiNita Strauss, and Jacky Vincent. Along with these virtuoso’s, two local bands Aurorae and The Prosecution will support them.

The nice thing about tours like this is that not only do you get to see some phenomenal guitarists, but they also get quality local bands to help support the show. At the Crowbar in Tampa, FL, tonight’s first opening bands was The Prosecution. This four-piece band put on a good show and the crowd liked their heavy but melodic sound. The next band to take the stage was Aurorae. This band was definitely fun to watch and its obvious they are popular and have built a well earned following.

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Now it was time to see the first of the stars of this tour  Jacky Vincent. Jacky rose to fame as the guitarist and singers and one of the founding members of Falling In Reverse in 2008. Having left the band in 2015, he went on to form Cry Venom in 2016. It only takes a few minutes of watching him play to make you wonder why he was voted guitarist of the year in 2012 by AP Magazine only once. This guy is the equal of anyone out there today. Playing without a band, all he had was a backing track, so all eyes were on him. Playing with flawless technique, he was able to pull out every trick in the book. Its very obvious that he is also a highly educated musician as the construction of his songs is equal to his playing. What a pleasure it was to see this guy shred up close and personal.

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Next up was one of the first co-headliners, Nita Strauss. For fans of Alice Cooper, they know her quite well as she currently is the lead guitarist for his band. In addition to her duties in Alice Coopers band, she was in an Iron Maiden all female tribute band called The Iron Maidens, as well as with Femme Fatale. She has also been ranked as the number one female guitar player you should know by Guitar World Magazine. As a guitarist she comes to this tour with loads of experience playing in bands, but this is actually her first solo tour, and she is also supporting her debut solo album Controlled Chaos. When a player of her ability hits the stage, there had better be quality musicians that can keep up with her. Boy did she get some top notch people.

Assisting her on guitar duties was Jason Tarantino, on bass was Christopher Dean, and finally her drummer Josh Villalta. Opening her set with “Pandemonium 2.0” from her solo record was an absolute treat! To say she is a great female guitarist is doing her a disservice, as she can outplay just about anyone, man or woman. Along with playing other songs from her album such as “Alegria”, “Mariana Trench”, and “Lion Among Wolves”, her pedigree and time with Alice Cooper was evident with how she owned the stage. Moving around and performing for the audience, she showed why her nickname is “Hurricane“, for sure she is a powerful storm that will blow you away!! A great moment in the show is when she played the classic Alice Cooper song “I’m Eighteen” with the audience singing while the band played. The other song she covered was the classic Queen song “The Show Must Go On”. I’m sure Brian May would be beaming hearing Nita’s version.

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Finally, it was time for the last guitarist to take the stage Angel Vivaldi. Self-releasing five records Revelations, Universal Language, Away With Words Part 1Away With Words Part 2, and Synapse, he has proven himself to be a fierce player with a virtuoso guitar playing style. At on point he was in Vext a group with Bad Wolves lead singer Tommy Vext. Just like Nita, and Jacky, Angel can play! The only thing more surprising that he was voted number 3 guitarist of 2014 by Prog-Sphere.com was that he should be voted number 1! He has such a fluid style and is an absolute beast of a player.

His backing band was definitely up to the task of playing with him as they also played with Nita Strauss except for Christopher Dean. It was a blast seeing him play with just one hand on the neck of his guitar while pretending to look at his watch, then shaking the hands of the fans in the audience. After he was done with his brilliant set, the fun wasn’t over as all three guitarists took to the stage to play two songs together. Watching these three go toe to toe was a guitar fans dream, and the packed house was cheering every minute of it!!

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Once again, the Guitar Collective Tour has put together a fearsome collection of young players that can flat out shred. Getting to see these players at this stage of their careers is something that will create the classic “I saw all of them together” memory when they are huge successes. For fans of stunning guitarwork, this is a must-see tour!

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