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Amine + Buddy + Kayo Genesis at Brooklyn Steel

Aminé © Daniella Heminghaus 

Brooklyn, New York City (November 26, 2018) – Monday shows aren’t for the weary and the crowd at Brooklyn’s Brooklyn Steel proved that. The line had stretched around the venue, and down a block, with fans all waiting to get in and vibe with up-and-coming rapper Aminé. Joining Aminé were fellow rappers, Buddy and Kayo Genesis. For a balmy New York night, these three artists turned up the heat!

Kayo Genesis © Daniella Heminghaus
Kayo Genesis © Daniella Heminghaus
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Kicking the night off was Palmdale, CA rapper Kayo Genesis. His presence was full hype as he performed, occasionally stopping to call and response with the crowd, who were equally as hyped to see him. During his songHometown” he sat down right at the barricade, causing Beatle-esque fan meltdowns. Anyone that wasn’t there surely missed out!

Buddy © Daniella Heminghaus
Buddy © Daniella Heminghaus
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Up next was Compton rapper Buddy. As if the room wasn’t hyped up enough, Buddy turned the dial well past 11 as the audience lost their minds during his set! He called for mosh pits as he ran all over the stage. High energy doesn’t even come close to describing his performance. To the fans delight, Buddy even got down into the crowd at one point to rap with and hi-five fans. For his hit “Shameless”, he was joined by Guapdad 4000 and the duo tore the stage up!!! He ended his set with the politically charged “Black and the sweeter, slower song “Shine”, to which the crowd helped illuminate him with their phone lights as he naturally lit up the stage.

Amine © Daniella Heminghaus
Amine © Daniella Heminghaus
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Closing out the night was L.A. by ways of Portland rapper, Aminé. Joined by NYC local, DJ Madison LST, Aminé brought his positive vibes as he told the crowd the call and response for the night: Aminé would tell them “you’re beautiful!” to which they had to respond with “we know!” He started his set with “Dr. Whoever”, the opener on his newest release, ONEPOINTFIVEthat deals with mental health issues. After touching upon such a subject, Aminé then went into his hits such as “Yellow”, “Veggies”, and “Sundays”. Adding to his already vivacious set, Aminé also had virtual displays behind him to add to his stage set. For his song “Chingy”, he had photos of the rapper behind him along with Chingy’s logo. For another song, he displayed “we make the art, give us our credit“, a possible dis about cultural appropriation. Aminé’s performance was as vibrant as his backgrounds and if a packed Brooklyn Steel proves anything, it’s that he may just be on the come up. Aminé will be touring the south and west throughout December.



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