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Alter Bridge Come To The Stone Pony Summer Stage Along With Sevendust and Mammoth WVH

Asbury Park, NJ (August 2nd, 2023)

Three of the top hard rock bands. Three new albums (okay, one isn’t as new as the others). What do you get when you put them on one bill? Possibly one of the best shows short of a full on festival. If this is what you are looking for, look no further than Alter Bridge’s final leg of their Pawns & Kings tour. For this last stanza they are going out with Sevendust, who have just released their latest masterpiece Truth Killer, and Mammoth WVH who have also put out a new album Mammoth WVH II. When this show blew into the Jersey shore at the venerable Stone Pony Summer Stage it would be no surprise the line to get in would be wrapped all the way around the block.

Under a bright summer sun and with perfect temperatures for an outdoor show, Mammoth WVH would be the first band to take the stage. With their sophomore album releasing on this very day, this just added to the excitement that the crowd and band would both be feeling. As the band made their way on stage the packed crowds excitement grew. When Wolfgang VanHalen, the musical mastermind behind the group, made his way on stage he was sporting a huge bright smile. Even though he had been brought up in the music world, performing with both his world famous father as well as a multitude of other groups, that genuine smile he was wearing showed how grateful he was to be in the position he is now in.

Leading their performance off with “Mammoth” off of his debut album, the band wasted no time in captivating the audience with their energetic presence and skillful musicianship. Wolfgang’s commanding vocals and phenomenal guitar work were on full display, leaving no doubt that he has inherited the musical genes of his legendary father, Eddie Van Halen.

Mammoth WVH’s setlist was a nice blend of songs from their self-titled debut album as well as their sophomore effort. Their versatility and ability to switch effortlessly between hard-hitting rock anthems and emotionally charged ballads showcased the band’s talent . Tracks like “Don’t Back Down” and “Distance” resonated deeply with the crowd, evoking a powerful connection between the musicians and their fans.

During the performance, Wolfgang took time to let the fans know that this was the actual release date of their latest effort Mammoth II. He even mentioned that there were copies available at the merch table as well. In a surprise to everyone there, he made the announcement that the band would be making an appearance on the Today show. Of course songs from the album were featured as well including the hit song “Another Celebration At The End Of The World”

The band’s chemistry was evident as they played in sync, feeding off each other’s energy and driving the crowd to new heights. Despite being a relatively young band, Mammoth WVH displayed a level of professionalism and stage presence that belied their experience, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

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As the sun began to set over the Atlantic Ocean, the stage was set for Sevendust to take the spotlight. The crowd erupted in cheers as the band members emerged, and the intensity in the air soared to a new level. Sevendust’s signature blend of heavy riffs, soulful vocals, and emotionally charged lyrics resonated deeply with their dedicated fan base.

Frontman Lajon Witherspoon commanded the stage with his captivating presence and powerhouse vocals, effortlessly drawing the audience into every song. The band’s musicianship was unparalleled, guitarist Clint Lowery delivered blistering solos and driving rhythms that had the crowd headbanging and fist-pumping along. One thing that any fan of the band would notice in an instant was fellow guitarist John Connolly was missing from the lineup. Unfortunately he was exposed to covid while training for the NYC marathon and in an abundance of caution he missed the first two dates of the tour. In the history of the band this was the first time this had happened. While his presence was sorely missed, Clint did an excellent job filling in on his bandmates sections.

Just like every other band on the bill, Sevendust also released a new album the previous week. As Truth Killer had been released the previous week all their fans were excited to hear what tracks would be featured. The band decided to go with “Fence”. What a choice it was. This high octane number pumped tons of energy into an already frenzied crowd.

The rest of Sevendust’s setlist was chock full of some of their most popular songs. Whether you were a longtime fan or a recent convert, the band chose tracks to deliver maximum impact. Songs like “Denial,” “Angel’s Son,” and “Black” had the crowd singing along in unison, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie.

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As the lights dimmed, the stage came alive with a burst of energy as the members of Alter Bridge took their positions. Myles Kennedy’s unmistakable voice rang out through the crowd, filling the night air with its soulful yet powerful tone. Mark Tremonti’s signature guitar riffs complemented Kennedy’s vocals flawlessly, creating a sound that was both heavy and melodic.

The setlist featured a perfect blend of fan-favorites from Alter Bridge’s impressive discography, as well as tracks from their   new album, Pawns & Kings. The crowd was thrilled to hear classics like “Blackbird,” “Isolation,” and a powerhouse rendition of “Cry Of Achillies” but the real excitement came with the debut of the new material.

Alter Bridge showcased their evolution as musicians with songs from Pawns & Kings, infusing the performance with fresh energy and creativity. The title track “Pawns & Kings” was a standout, displaying a darker and more introspective side of the band while still retaining their signature sound. The acoustic performance of “In Loving Memory” tugged at the heartstrings with its emotional lyrics, leaving an indelible impact on the audience.

Another memorable moment from the night was the first song of the night “Silver Tongue”, another gem from the new album. The crowd was held in rapt attention as Kennedy’s vocals delivered the dark lyrics and Tremonti’s fiery guitar work lit up the twilight sky, capturing the essence of the song’s cautionary message.

Throughout the concert, the chemistry between the band members was undeniable. Bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips provided a rock-solid foundation, driving the rhythm with precision and passion. The synergy among the musicians was a testament to their years of collaboration and friendship.

The visual spectacle was equally impressive, with mesmerizing lighting and captivating stage effects that enhanced the overall experience. The Stone Pony Summer Stage, with its open-air setting, allowed the music to resonate freely, enveloping the audience in a sonic wave of euphoria.

As the night reached its crescendo with Alter Bridge delivering a stunning  performance of “Rise Today”, the anthemic hit song from the album Blackbird. The audience erupted in cheers and sang along enthusiastically, savoring every moment of the extraordinary performance.

With this being the final leg of the Kings & Pawns tour Alter Bridge pulled out all the stops by bringing along Mammoth WVH and Sevendust forging one of the best musical lineups of the year. For those that managed to get to The Stone Pony Summer Stage they were treated to an unforgettable experience. Remarkable musicianship and the introduction of new music by all the bands created a thrilling experience for all those who attended. As fans filed out of the venue, there was no doubt that they had witnessed something truly special – a night of rock and roll magic courtesy of Mammoth WVH, Sevendust and Alter Bridge.

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