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A Killer’s Confession Comes To The Brass Mug


Tampa, Fl (5/7/2021)

New bands are the life blood of the music world. Today’s band in a small club is tomorrow’s arena headliner. While everyone loves to go to see that big show on a huge stage, everyone should get to a small club and check out a band that a buzz it’s starting to develop about them.

At the venerable Brass Mug, a local Tampa Florida haunt known primarily for local bands to play at, occasionally a band will show up that is on its way to the big time. On Friday May 7th, was indeed one of those nights as A Killers Confession would take the stage. While A Killer’s Confession may be relatively new to the scene, having been formed in 2016 and their first album “Unbroken” released in 2017. But their lead singer and driving force behind the band Waylon Reavis has been in the game for some time as he was also the lead singer for the metal band Mushroomhead.

With a stage setup made up of 3 video screens and a lone riser at center stage front, Waylon and his band mates made their way out to a crowd starved for great live music. As Waylon leapt onto the riser, he was flanked by his band mates. On one side was guitarist Tom Church, who also was also a former alumnus of Mushroomhead. On the other side resided bassist JP Cross and guitarist Shawn Iannazzo. Filling out the band on the drums is Morgan Bauer.

While this may be a relatively new band, from the moment the first note was played, their experience shown through. These guys brought it hard. If you aren’t familiar with his work with Mushroomhead or any of the other bands that Waylon Reavis has fronted, this guy can sing! As they went through their setlist, Waylon nailed every song flawlessly. Not to be outdone, all the guys in the band were able to match his intensity and delivery. Whether Waylon was prowling the stage or towering over the crowd on his riser all eyes were on him. Clearly the man is truly cut out for fronting a band. Wearing a cowboy hat, guitarist Tom Church was looking cool as a cumber. But his chill demeanor belied the fiery guitar work he would belt out all night long. Bassist JP Cross, drummer Morgan Bauer and guitarist  Shawn Iannazzo laid down a rock-solid foundation all night long.

It was obvious that everyone in attendance was enjoying the show. As the band went through song after song from their previous albums “Unbroken” and “The Indifference Of Good Men” with each passing song, it was easy to see they were making new fans. Reavis even asked the crowd to pull out their phones, go to Spotify and follow them so they could get in on the new music that they were releasing. At one point Waylon Reavis asked the audience if this was the first time seeing them, one fan chimed in that they traveled all the way from New Jersey to Florida just to see them. Yes, this is one of those bands that fans are willing to hop on an airplane to see them. To the delight of the crowd, Reavis would even take a couple trips off stage to sing among the people.

Every band starts out in small clubs and fans always have stories that start with I saw them when they were in a club.  A Killer’s Confession won’t be playing smaller venues for much longer and this will be your chance to say you saw them when they were just getting known. So grab a ticket when they come your way and check them out, you won’t regret it.

5/7/21 A Killer's Confession © Mark Matson
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