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The Menzingers + Tigers Jaw + Culture Abuse @ The Magic Stick, Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan (October 27, 2019) – It’s a brisk Sunday night in Detroit, MI, and one of the city’s most popular venues, The Magic Stick, is hosting a punk show. Philly punk legends, The Menzingers, are in town for the third stop of their 2019 Fall Tour and tagging along with them are the bands, Tigers Jaw and Culture Abuse. 

10/27/19 - Culture Abuse @ The Magic Stick, Detroit, MI © Trevor Redford

Culture Abuse was the first band to take the stage. They got the party started right away with lead vocalist David Kelling belting out the lyrics to their opening song. Playing at a venue like the The Magic Stick is perfect for a band like Culture Abuse. Fans of the band were able to get an up close and personal experience with the band being able to share the mic with Kelling and stage dive from the opening song to the end of their set. Watching Culture Abuse took me back to all those old punk shows I attended and played in with their high-energy and songs that got the fans moving and singing along and the endless amount of crowd surfing.

10/27/19 - Tigers Jaw @ The Magic Stick, Detroit, MI © Trevor Redford

After Culture Abuse warmed the crowd up, Tigers Jaw took the stage. This band has been on the scene for more than ten years and it’s taken me up until a few weeks ago to start listening to their music. Boy have I been missing out! This band plays the perfect blend of indie and pop-punk that immediately grabbed my attention. Opening up with their song “CoolTigers Jaw kept the energy amongst the crowd that Culture Abuse left with. Vocalist Ben Walsh looked like the music completely took over his body as he was able to not only sing, but masterfully play his guitar and move all around the stage. Set up next to Walsh was singer/keyboardist Brianna Collins whose vocals perfectly contrasted Walsh‘s to create amazing harmonies together. Tigers Jaw‘s set was highlighted by older and newer songs including Eyes Shut“, from their newly released EP, Eyes Shut. From the start to the end of their set, Tigers Jaw brought the energy and as a new fan, their performance was everything I was hoping for, and then some!

10/27/19 - The Menzingers @ The Magic Stick, Detroit, MI © Trevor Redford

Finally it is time for The Menzingers to take the stage. As soon as the lights went off signaling the beginning of their set, the crowd went into an immediate frenzy. Opening up with “America (You’re Freaking Me Out)” off their newest album, Hello Exile. Everyone in the crowd started singing along with vocalist Greg Barnett. Not surprisingly, the crowd’s energy rose throughout the set with each song The Menzingers played. Barnett, along with co-vocalist/guitarist Tom May and bassist Eric Keen owned the stage all night moving along with each song. You can tell by watching them how much they love playing music and how much of the crowd’s energy fueled them. The Menzingers played a long 22-song set, that featured both old and new songs, including a stripped-down version of their song, “Casey” from their 2012 album, On the Impossible Past. The Menzingers ended the night with one of my personal favorites “After the Party” and sent the near, if not, sold-out crowd into euphoria. The Menzingers tour just started, be sure to catch them this fall. They put on a hell of a show!

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