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The Happy Fits Share Their Infectious Tunes – Spring Juicebox Tour

May 8, 2019 (Columbus, OH) –

As fans traveled from wide and far, The Happy Fits were getting ready to share their infectious tunes with Columbus. The Basement was the place to be tonight. As we spoke with fellow fans, some serious distance was traveled – some making the trek all the way from as far as Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

A 3+ hour one-way trip for a $12 ticket price concert?

That is a testament to The Happy Fits music – it’s just that good.

With A.M. Soul and Early Eyes rounding out the three-band bill tonight, it was time for an eclectic night of tunes.

A.M. Soul

Columbus (OH) opener A.M. Soul was first up. Opening up for The Happy Fits for the third time in Columbus, their indie funk/soul groove eased the fans into this night of music.

With a smooth delivery that alternated vocals from Miguel and Cecilia, they served up a great set of originals to get the crowd warmed up.

05/08/19 - A M Soul

Early Eyes

Early Eyes ©2019 Allen Heimberger – Splice Media Group – Please Do Not Alter Images

Tour mates Early Eyes were ready to gain some new fans. They were not complete unknowns though, and some of the front row fans were super excited to catch these five in action.

With a super hot electric indie rock sound, they performed their energetic music while keeping everything super tight. Opening up with their song The Basement set them up for a successful set.

Early Eyes are out in support of their latest release All Shades of Teal – EP (2018).

The Happy Fits

(L-R) Ross & Calvin of The Happy Fits ©2019 Allen Heimberger – Splice Media Group – Please Do Not Alter Images

New Jersey’s favorite “happy three-piece” was now ready to take over the stage. As Luke, Calvin, and Ross took their respective spots here at The Basement, it was time for The Happy Fits. The crowd was overjoyed, and the cheers rang out to support this fact.

Some of the crowd was here to experience their music for the first time ever. This is one of the things about The Happy Fits’ fanbase, sharing their love of the band with others. Some that we spoke with prior to their set said they didn’t even preview any of their songs prior, as they held out to dive right in at a live show.

With a particularly younger fanbase that includes high school and college-aged patrons, it’s imperative they play all-ages venues. This also gives the show some dynamics, as the crowd can be a huge part of any successful event. It’s interesting when running into a few parents during these shows, and finding out they are also huge fans of the group. It’s The Happy Fits‘ infectious positive music that draws one in – and they have a lot of great material for just this purpose.

They started off with with a crowd favorite, Achey Bones. The crowd instantly came to life as the dancing and moving took over the sizable gathering.

As they weaved through their musical catalog, they slowed things down with Reason for Dreaming about halfway through the set. When taking things to the lighter side they have a gift for unbelievable magical melodies in their simplistic arrangements. Calvin’s plucking of his cello on this song or the four-note guitar arrangement by Ross that opens Relimerance can create so much emotion that it’s actually hard to explain – but it just does. It is with this no-frills approach they are able to connect to the audience’s emotion and energy.

Don’t take them lightly though, as they cranked up the crowd favorite Grow Back. The song builds incredible energy at its apex getting the heads banging until it slams back down to acoustic bliss with the crowd singing along “let it grow back, let it grow back“. The energy, the build-up, the harmonies = perfection.

Check out Grow Back

While they worked on new demos while on tour, they gave the crowd a sneak peek of one tonight. A seriously high tempo rocker was presented tonight – sans title. In their typical fashion, they continue to blaze paths they have yet to travel and that definitely showed during this preview tonight. The crowd loved it.

When the hour-plus long set finished it made for a successful night. The crowd was pleased with the show and ready to meet these three as they exited the stage. As the crowd lined up at the merch table, Calvin, Ross, and Luke did not get far from the stage before they stopped to talk with fans, friends, and fellow musicians. It seemed everyone in attendance tonight was able to get a little personal attention from them while snagging autographs and photos.

The Happy Fits is one of those groups that are just the right break away from taking the world by storm. They have the music, they have the talent, and they have the personalities. It’s always nice to see bands in up close small club settings, but that is purely personal.

Making new fans at every stop across the US and Canada keep these three happy and motivated while expanding their fanbase every show. If all goes as it should, we will be seeing The Happy Fits grace larger venues shortly.

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