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SG Lewis + Castelle + Yoshi Flower @ El Club, Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan (October 5, 2018) – Tonight, El Club was joined by SG Lewis, Yoshi Flower, and Castelle. To say that tonight’s show was amazing would be an understatement to what it really was. It was rather beyond incredible. 

First to take the stage was Castelle. He walked on the stage with an audience of about 20 people, but within just a few minutes he almost filled the room. People couldn’t stop moving to every song played. With his take on EDM, adding a jazz vibe was just what every person needed to kick off the night. His set included songs from his recent EP Polychromatic, including my personal favorite “We Don’t Need To Dance” featuring Nic Hanson. Throughout his set you could feel the bass pounding and the room was instantly filled with a sensational energy that made one feel as if they were in a dream.

10/05/18 - Castelle @ El Club, Detroit, MI © Anna Tollstam


Next up, Yoshi Flower. If a week ago you were to ask me who he was I wouldn’t be able to tell you, but if you asked me now, there are not enough words to describe the impeccable talent he has. He began his set with his most played Spotify song “Movies” and the crowd couldn’t help but scream the lyrics along. His alternative/indie style captivated the crowd’s attention for the rest of his performance and by the end everyone wanted more. He ended his set with fan favorite song “Brown Paper Bag” where the crowd was the loudest the entire night, jumping, screaming, and having the time of their lives. Once he walked off of the stage, not a single person in the venue felt a single bit of disappointment.  His set also included songs “Woke” and my absolute favorite “Just On Drugs”.  

Check out his mixtape American Raver available October 12th.

10/05/18 - Yoshi Flower @ El Club, Detroit, MI © Anna Tollstam

To end the night, British producer, songwriter, and DJ, SG Lewis took the stage. He first began to gain recognition for his different remixes which then led to the release of his debut EP Shivers in 2015. Since then, he has done a number of collaborations with different singers and continues to gain a strong following. From the moment he walked onto the stage to the moment he walked off, the crowd did not stop moving their feet. He was joined on stage by not only his band, but singers Alrie and Tom Dunne. His lively performance put smiles on the faces of every person in the crowd. His set included fan favorite “Meant To Be” from his EP Yours released in 2016 and my personal favorite “Warm” from his EP Shivers released in 2015.

10/05/18 - SG Lewis @ El Club, Detroit, MI © Anna Tollstam
Yoshi Flower © Anna Tollstam

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