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Saliva + Black Coffee + Kienemy + Pay the Toll + Divebomb @ The Electric Co., Mansfield, OH

Mansfield, OH (10/26/18) – A week before Halloween and some were all ready to celebrate. No costumes were needed on this night… just some straightforward hard rock ‘n roll. Saliva was in town at The Electric Company and was ready to flex their muscles. With four opening area bands also on the bill, it was sure set up to be an awesome show.

First up was Columbus area bands Pay The Toll, Kienemy, and Black Coffee. With the direct support slot, were Mansfield natives, Divebomb.

With fans lined out the door, the place was filling up quickly. Many families were in attendance as well, and it is always great to see youngsters out at these shows, getting there rock n’ roll fix.

Pay The Toll

Pay The Toll is a four-piece band from Columbus, OH. Their set featured their style of hard rock/metal with solid originals. Finishing the set with a heavy medley of Ghostbusters/Thriller sure was a cool nod toward the upcoming holiday.


Billed as Electronica, Hard Rock, and Hardcore, the 5-piece Kienemy is made up of Davey Bee (Lead Vocals), Preston Daniel (Guitar/VOX), Josh Brammer (Guitar/VOX), Mike McLain (Bass Guitar/VOX), and Kegan King (Percussion).

These five sure bring the Hard Rock/Hardcore sound to the stage. Their music is right in your face, and Davey commands the stage as he interacts with the crowd. The musicianship and tightness of this group are certainly apparent while they pound out original-after-original. With the crowd pressed up tight to the stage, these guys did not leave them disappointed.

Black Coffee

A familiar band to Splice articles is Black Coffee. While working out their own rise to stardom, these three are one of the hardest working bands out there today. Although they are out in support of their debut album Take One, they debuted a brand new song tonight, and it was killer. As they continue to write music on a full-time basis, this is surely something that will continue to happen in the near future.

Ehab Omran (Bass/Vocals), Justin Young (Guitar), and Tommy McCullough (Drums) make up Black Coffee, a band that has stepped straight out of the seventies onto the stages of today. Tonight they had more swagger and a slower flow to their music than normal, which was very apparent in tonight’s rendition of their single I Barely Know Her. That’s what they like to do though, change things up a bit, continually honing their craft, even if it’s just for one night.


Divebomb. Like a 1,000 pound sledgehammer, they were here to destroy the stage. The foursome of Austin Moore (guitar), Thom Weaver (bass), Ethan Ritenour (drums), and Jacob Henry (vocalist) make up the hardcore band… and they bring the heat.

Straight out of Mansfield, Ohio Divebomb plays what one would consider serious New York style hardcore, serving it right up into your face. With originals like Played Like Pawns and Steel Trap, among others, Jacob worked the stage side-to-side letting his mane of hair occasionally go wild during the solos when he did not have the microphone firmly planted for his vocals. With a nice sized crowd of fans that were out to support them, they kept the foot on the pedal during their half-hour set.


Saliva has a brand new release, 10 Lives. Fresh off the presses, they were offering a tour only artwork version of the CD from their merch table. It is an absolutely solid album, keeping with the same Saliva recipe, with forward driving, screaming guitar, in your face vocals. Check it out today!

With the current lineup featuring Bobby Amaru (vocals), Wayne Swinny (guitar), Brad Stewart (bass), and Brad Moxey (drums) they were on point tonight as they dished up a full set of their classics, shying away from any new material, mostly due to the fact it was Wayne’s birthday weekend, and the bottle of Fireball perched on his amp head was losing liquid quickly through their set.

With a backlit stage, they opened with Ladies and Gentlemen, just as one would expect. Following it up with Superstar, Army, Survival of the Sickest, Musta Been Wrong and Rest in Pieces until they pulled out a medley featuring Doperide. Switching to acoustic briefly, they continued with Always, before being joined on stage by a youth in the crowd for Click, Click, Boom! Finishing the evening off with Your Disease, they left the crowd wanting more, which is exactly what you want.

With a high power show and great rock n’ roll showmanship, Saliva is still a force to be reckoned with. A nice little trip back to the early years, plus the promising new music, shows Saliva is ready to take over a venue near you.

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