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Hozier + Bailen @ Stifel Theater, St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, Missouri (June 6, 2019) – Stifel Theater was packed to the ceiling with fans eagerly awaiting Hozier and Bailen on the Wasteland, Baby! Tour. Hozier was putting up some competition with the Blues Game 5 watch party, but he drew in a massive crowd! Walking through the halls of Stifel you could feel the excitement from fans. The merch lines and the way people pushed into the venue were evidence. Once the moment came for the concert to start, the crowd was more than ready.

The first band was Bailen, a family trio that consists of fraternal twins, Daniel and David, and their younger sister Julia. Based out of New York City, the trio performs music that gives off a folk, indie vibe. The drums mixed with the guitar and the beautiful vocals of Julia make for an amazing live concert. They played songs off their album Thrilled To Be Here, which was released on April 26th, 2019. They opened with Rose Leaves and Something Tells Me. Bailen really gave an outstanding performance. Going On A Feeling and 25 For The Last Time were two other songs they played as they closed out their set. Their sound really fit the bill with Hozier’s show, making for a perfect pairing.

06/06/19 - Bailen @ Stifel Theater, St. Louis, MO © Eryn Smith

Finally, the moment came for Hozier to take the stage. You could feel the anticipation build as the light went low and the crowd began to cheer. Hozier began his set with songs Would That I, Dinner & Diatribes, and Nina Cried Power. All three of these songs come from his most recent album, Wasteland, Baby!, which was released March 1st of 2019. The singer comes from Ireland and grew fame from his hit Take Me To Church, off his First album titles Hozier. Hozier performed songs from his newest and oldest album, giving a good mix. With a stacked setlist of 20 songs, the night was for sure an unforgettable one. The Irish singer then performed  Wasteland, Baby!, Someone New, No Plan, and Take Me To Church. During the concert was the Blues game, and at one point after Hozier finished a song, the crowd began chanting Blues as they won their game. A little later in the night, Hozier was gifted his very own Blues jersey! As the night came to an end, Hozier performed an encore with Cherry Wine and Work Song.

06/06/19 - Hozier @ Stifel Theater, St. Louis, MO © Eryn Smith

All in all, the Wasteland, Baby! Tour brought an evening of fantastic music and great memories for all. As the streets of St. Louis were filled with “Gloria”, Stifel theater was filled with Hozier and fans sharing an evening of songs.  If you have the chance to catch Bailen or Hozier live, take the chance and see them. You will not regret it!

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