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Gnash + Mallrat + Guardin @ Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois (January 26, 2019) Tonight, Bottom Lounge in downtown Chicago, IL hosted Gnash with support from Mallrat, and Guardin, for an incredible stop of The Broken Hearts Club Tour.

First to take the stage is Guardin. He began his music career in 2014 uploading music to SoundCloud. He has released a number of singles on Spotify over the years. In 2017 he released his first full length album Lacuna and in March, 2018 he released his second album, Outsider. His most recent release was his single, “Snowflakes“, out on December 28, 2018 and already with almost 50k plays on Spotify. Tonight, he did not fail to impress the audience through the course of his performance. Everyone sang along and he made sure to interact with the crowd as much as possible making everyone feel included. In his set, he included his most recent release “Snowflakes” and a couple fan favorites including “Demons In My Orbit” and “I Think You’re Really Cool“. 

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Next to take the stage, singer, songwriter, and producer from Brisbane, Australia, Grace Shaw, also known as Mallrat on stage. She began her music career in 2015 at just 16-years-old and quickly began to gain an audience after the release of her track “Suicide Blonde“. In 2016 she released her EP Uninvited, gaining more attention. Then in early 2017 her song “For Real” was licensed by Google for a commercial. In 2018, she released the song “UFO” featuring Allday, and in June of that year she released her second EP, In the Sky. Once she took the stage, the crowd was anything but silent. Her mesmerizing voice captivated the crowd. Her lyrics were easy to sing along with, as evidenced by the crowd’s participation. Her set included some of her most popular songs “UFO” featuring Allday, “Groceries“, and “Texas“. 

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To end the night, the man everyone has been waiting for, Gnash takes the stage. Gnash, also known as Garrett Charles Nash, began his career back in 2014 as a DJ in a duo with singer/ songwriter Harry Hudson. In 2015 he released a number of singles and in March of that year he released his debut EP, U. At the end of 2015 he released his second EP, Me. A year later in March, 2016 he released his third EP, Us, which included lead single, “I Hate U, I Love You“, featuring Olivia O’Brien. The single went viral surpassing 350 million online streams and reaching the Billboard Top Ten late in 2016. In 2018, he released singles “The Broken Hearts Club“, “Nobody’s Home“, and “T Shirt” which all landed on his first full lengths album, We, released on January 11, 2019. Through his music he shares his journey of ups and downs, breakups, and discovering oneself. His performance tonight was nothing short of entertaining and enjoyable. There was not one person in the room who didn’t have a smile on their face through his entire set. Rather than having a typical fan and artist connection he made the entire crowd feel like family and connected in a way like no other. His set included hit song “I Hate U, I Love You” featuring Olivia O’Brien, some fan favorites including “Pajamas“, “Insane“, “T Shirt“, and “Dear Insecurity“. He also included the anthem of his fan base The Broken Hearts Club

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Overall, the show was unforgettable and one nobody should miss. Although the Broken Hearts Club Tour is nearly over, you can still get tickets here for the remaining dates.

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