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Falling In Reverse Bring The Drug In Me Is Gold Tour To Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, Florida (February 11, 2020) – Ten years ago, Ronnie Radke and his band mates in Falling In Reverse went into the studio to put their first full length album together. Out of their efforts, The Drug In Me Is You was born. Fast-forward to today, this album that launched their career has now been certified gold. To celebrate this achievement, they decided to reward their faithful fans with a special tour, The Drug in Me is Gold Tour, in which they would play their inaugural album in its entirety along with some fan favorites thrown in to complete the night.

With a long riser perched on top of Jannus Lives tall stage, it might have been an imposing view for some. But, to all the fans that were packed into the place, they didn’t care they just wanted to see their favorite band. With the lights finally darkened signaling show time not a single person could contain their excitement. Lead singer, Ronnie Radke, made his way to the stage and hopped up on the riser and began singing their very latest single, “The Drug In Me Is Reimagined”, on his own without the band. With just him and a single spotlight on him, Radke gave a knockout performance of this updated song . His delivery of this stripped-down, raw version caught everyone by surprise. When he was done, and the crowds cheering finally quieted down, he quipped “I bet you weren’t expecting that!”

Now it was time for the rest of the band to join Radke on stage, with the exception of guitarist Derek Jones, who didn’t accompany the band on this tour due to the untimely loss of his fiancé. They proceeded to launch into “The Westerner”, the last song on The Drug In Me Is You. Even though they were down a band member, they still sounded great! Radke maniacally stalked the long riser; going back and forth, without stopping for even a second, he was able to deliver the goods without missing a beat.

The show moved along at a brisk pace. They deftly went from “Goodbye Graceful”, to “Caught Like a Fly” to “Sink Or Swim”. It didn’t matter what song they played, the overly enthusiastic crowd turned every one of their tunes into a giant sing-along. After playing “Good Girls, Bad Guys”, Radke took a few seconds to talk to his fans; he said “ I can’t believe I wrote that stupid ass song; it’s real tight though. Those lyrics I wrote when you were way younger, most of you. Now I’m singing them to you. That’s weird! But I appreciate you guys listening to it and knowing all the lyrics. Because it’s part of our history and now I’m Tik Tok famous and it’s f*cking wonderful!”. Of course, that got everyone to cheer loudly.

They continued on by playing the title track, “The Drug In Me Is You”, “Tragic Magic”, and the first song on the album, “Raised By Wolves”. When they finished up, Radke let everyone know that they had just played the whole album starting from the last song and ending with the first song, in complete reverse order. With that the whole band left the stage for a brief and well-earned breather.

With the packed house chanting for the band, it was now time for the encore to start. As the band had released a new single very recently and with it burning up the charts it was the perfect time to play it. From the beginning of “Popular Monster”, right to very end everyone was singing along to this latest hit song of theirs. As they were getting ready to play the last song of the night, Ronnie Radke asked the audience to raise their hands if they were or knew an a**hole. Without fail, every had a hand in the place shot up in the air. He continued on saying ”I’m very aware that I’m an a**hole, too, just like you!” and they capped the night off with a fun version of “Just Like You”.

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With the show in the books, and fans hitting up the merch table before heading home, this was definitely a fun night for everyone. It’s not often a bands first album gets gold status, and if it does it’s definitely worth celebrating. Thankfully, Falling In Reverse felt that way and decided to share the success of The Drug In Me Is You with the people that made this happen, their fans. So grab a ticket for this tour while you can!

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