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Ekali along with William Black and Juelz @ the Detroit Majestic Theatre, Detroit, MI

March 5, 2020 (Detroit, Michigan)- Tonight, Ekali took over the Majestic Theatre in downtown Detroit for a wild performance with support from artists William Black and Juelz!

Taking the stage first for tonights show was Canadian, Juelz. The Vancouver producer first stepped into the spotlight in 2018 after the release of his song “Cocaine”, on Soundcloud became a hit. Although the show started off slow, as late arriving fans  trickled into the venue you could feel the energy accelerate. With the combination of his club tracks and wild visuals, he was the perfect choice to start off the night. Once Juelz got the crowd going, the show carried over into the hands of William Black.

The vibe in the room from the Juelz club tracks was the perfect segue to Blacks emotional and meaningful melodies. With the smooth transition, every person in the room immediately transformed into a new dimension. With Blacks set starting with soft vocals and a calm beginning, the pace soon changed with flawless beat drops between the lyrics that focused on important issues with the passionate singers. Throughout his entire set, he did not fail to amaze the crowd with every calming moment mixed between each beat drop.

When it comes to EDM, it takes a special kind of artist to be able to get a crowd hyped up enough to almost knock over a barricade. After witnessing tonights show where that exact thing almost happened, it proves without a doubt how much talent the artist and producer Ekali possesses. With the recent release of his debut album A World Awaythe Canadian producer blew the minds of the entire crowd. Rather than watching just another concert with flashing lights, the stage production and visuals of tonights spectacle made it feel like you were in the midst of a  movie that you never wanted to end. From the moment Ekali stepped foot on the stage, you could visually see that he was ready for a night unlike any other. His energy over the course of the night was vibrant and never waned and actually became more invigorating as the crowd fed back the same enthusiasm. Throughout the entire show it was as if your mind was in a trance; once things would begin to slow down it immediately would accelerate culminating with an epic drop where you could live the moment while finding yourself moving subconsciously. The instant the fans walked through the door at The Majestic, it was clear they arrived wishing for nothing more than to have the time of their lives and that is exactly what Ekali gave them.

Although Ekalis A World Away tour is almost over, the future is bright for the artist and one you won’t want to miss. Follow his social media to keep up on future music and show dates!


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