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Chase Atlantic + Lauren Sanderson @ House of Blues, Chicago, IL

Chicago, Illinois (July 15, 2019) –  After hours of standing in the 90 degree heat, 6 o’clock rolled around and the doors officially opened for hundreds of die-hard fans to enter to see the one and only Chase Atlantic at Chicago’s House of Blues.

Tonight’s show of Phases Tour began with an incredible performance by up-and-coming artist Lauren Sanderson. Lauren began her career years back as a motivational speaker and YouTube personality spreading the message for people to be themselves and be happy with who they are. She released her first EP, Center of Expression, in 2016 as an independent artist doing everything on her own, from releasing music to booking shows. She was later signed to Epic Records and began to release music under them. As time went on she found that was not the right fit and recently went back to being an independent artist. The entire crowd could not help but enjoy her set from her impeccable stage presence to her meaningful lyrics. Her set included some of her most recent released songs from her newest EP, Hasta La Vista, and some fan favorites like “Electric” and “The Only One“.

07/15/19 - Lauren Sanderson
07/15/19 - Lauren Sanderson
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Next up to the stage, Chase Atlantic. The trio consisting of brothers Mitchel Cave (lead Vocalist) and Clinton Cave (Guitarist, Vocalist, and Saxophonist) and their lifelong friend Christian Anthony (Guitarist and Vocalist) formed the band in 2014 with an alternative pop sound. They released their first studio EP, Dalliancein 2014 and followed it with their next EP, Nostalgiathat held the single that went internationally viral called “Friends“. In 2017 they singed to Warner Music Group where they released three separate EPs (Part One, Part Two, and Part Three) leading to the release of their debut self-titled album Chase Atlantic. They band began touring in 2017 and continued releasing singles over the next year until January, 2019 when they released their sixth EP, Don’t Try ThisOn June 28, 2019 they released their second full length album, Phases, which they are currently touring in support of. Tonight, their set started with a wild drum solo where the crowd could not contain their excitement. Screams came over the crowd from every direction waiting for the trio to step foot onto the stage, and once they did, there was not a break of silence. Their energetic performance had the entire audience jumping and dancing to the point where the floor was shaking. Their set included fan favorites like “Swim” from their self titled album, and “Angels” from their most recent album Phases.

Chase Atlantic
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Although the North American Phases Tour is almost over, click here to get tickets for the last few dates and follow them on all social media linked below to stay up to date on future shows!

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