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Capture + Earth Groans + Half Hearted + Hybridreams + Horcrux @ Mavericks, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario (October 27, 2018) was host to a great evening of music, with Australian based Capture playing for the first time. The band were supported by Connecticut based Half – Hearted, South Dakotans Earth Groans, and two local acts; Hybrid Dreams and Horcrux.

Horcrux opted to start things out on a heavy foot, starting off their set with a brand-new track. Their new song was received well, as the crowd was eager to move and shake off the cold. The band continued to weave in new songs- as a way of testing the waters before the release, but also made a point to play popular tracks like “the dark mark.” Based on the crowd’s response, the new songs may be a gamechanger for the band. Be sure to be on the lookout for the track “Linger,” as its ferocity with drums (impressive speed abilities if they weren’t triggered) make it a stand out track.

Following Horcrux, were Hybrid Dreams who effortlessly blended sweet vocals and screams. Hybrid Dreams delivered a captivating performance, weaving lullaby-like vocals with harsh hitting unclean. The juxtaposition is not a rare formula to find these days, however, the tenacity and flow with which the band performs are unique. The back and forth exchange between the vocalists make them an intriguing local standout, be sure to check them out!

Up next was Half Hearted, who were a little more rock based, unlike their fellow performers. While not as heavy as perhaps the rest of the bands that they were billed with, regardless Half Hearted still made an impact upon the crowd. With sultry sweet vocals and an emotional ax to grind, the band delivered a full-hearted and engaging performance.

When it was time for Earth Groans to take the stage, they were like a cold shock to the system following Half Hearted. The band was an unprecedented whirlwind of energy. Frontman Jeremy Schaeffer kept the crowd entertained with high flying antics and helped to solidify the band’s first time in Ottawa as a memorable one. With a hard-hitting sound, and a mosh call like no other, Earth Groans is definitely a band to check out.

For the final set, Capture was eager to increase the participation of the crowd. Having a blended setlist featuring songs like “Firestarter“, and “You Call That A Knife? This is a Knife!”, and newer songs such as “The Lake”, and “Lost Control“. Vocalist Jeffery Welfare also hinted that new music would be coming within the near future, an exciting tidbit for long-time fans. For the band’s first time here, they managed to leave quite an impact as they got the crowd to circle pit around the venue. Ending on a high note, with Welfare being held up by the crowd, Capture really lived up to their namesake and delivered one captivating performance.


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