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Glow in the Park Music Festival

Grand Rapids, Michigan (September 28, 2018) – Tonight, Fifth Third Ballpark in Grand Rapids, MI hosted the first ever Glow in the Park Festival, an EDM festival with a lineup nobody could forget. Even though it was freezing the entire time, that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time.

To kick off the night, CHOFF took the stage. This DJ/ Radio host was the perfect way to start the night. With his upbeat and versatile tracks he left the stage with the crowd more excited than before. With CHOFF’s love for music he was just one who helped create the Samsara Family Collective, a group of Grand Rapids’ top electronic artists including Super Future, dreezstring, G-Bread, sandose, CHOFF, hizen, slum body, and OSHEA Davaun. The Samsara Family appeared later in the night at the silent disco drawing in a larger crowd where everyone was dancing, smiling, and enjoying their night.

Next to the stage is SN0WMASS. Unlike every other EDM artist, SN0WMASS draws people in with his dark and edgy sounds rather than your average upbeat track. Once he took the stage, the crowd started to grow and the dancing began. Another thing to note about the EDM artist is his hidden identity, which is found to be a common thread in the EDM world. He is seen wearing a snowman helmet and his staple suit, leaving his true identity a mystery.

As the night continued, the next artist to take the stage is the well-known Rapper and hip-hop producer London On Da Track. With previously working with artists as big as Drake, Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage, and many many more, this Atlanta Native, with the real name London Holmes, did not disappoint even in the slightest. Everyone in the crowd couldn’t help but bob their heads to every song played.

After the incredible performance by London On Da Track, Party Pupils was next up to take the stage. The duo including singer MAX and DJ RyanEXOE brought all the energy with them, dancing, jumping, and making sure the crowd had the time of their life. The duo began in 2016 with the release of their take on the iconic song by OutKast, “Ms. Jackson” receiving over 11.5 million plays on Spotify. Their energetic performance left the crowd hungry for more.

Now to the stage, Cash Cash. The electronic group, most commonly known for their track “Take Me Home” featuring Bebe Rexha released in 2016, made sure the crowd had the time of their life. Their lively performance with upbeat songs was just what the crowd needed and they did not fail to deliver.

It is now 8:00 pm and time for Cheat Codes to take the stage. This trio provides a performance that no one could forget. Their pop sound mixed with incredible beat drops creates something like no other. Every person in the crowd sang and danced along with smiles on their faces, and even some security working couldn’t help but bob their head or tap their foot along. Their energy was nothing but positive and it was clear in their performance.

Now is the time that everyone was waiting for, time for Illenium to take the stage. Thinking the crowd was excited before couldn’t compare to their excitement when Illenium walked onto the stage. His music is unlike any other. He brings an emotional experience to the show, with his uplifting and vibrant sound. The crowd came to life when he began, by incorporating keyboards, drum pads, and outright astonishing lighting and visuals there wasn’t one person who left feeling any kind of disappointment.

Although there was an unbelievable musical lineup, that wasn’t the only part of Glow in the Park fest. Along with the main stage performances and the booming Silent Disco, where people went dancing their hearts out, they had food and beverage tents, entertaining performers walking around on stilts, throwing fire, juggling, and the Swagtron races where friends and strangers had friendly racing competition. Another big hit was the body marbling tent where people could get their body marbled by using paint floating on water. Also next to the tent was a colorful glowing cave that was a prime spot for photos.

Overall, this will not be the last time you hear of Glow the Park Festival. For every person who attended it was an absolutely incredible experience, one that I hope everyone can experience.




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